5 Apps to Expand Your Knowledge or Learn a New Skill

  • 1 year ago

Below are few of the best apps for developing a brand-new skill, broadening your grasp of an existing one, or expanding your knowledge in a new-to-your subject area.

1. Simply Piano 


Download the Simply Piano app to help you guide through the process and it’s an incredibly helpful resource to learn to play according to your own timeline, at the pace that works best for you. While there is no doubt that there are immense benefits to learning to play piano from an in-person teacher, right now this is the method that works best for the current situation around the world.


You can rely on You Need a Budget for years to track your spending and stay focused on sticking to a budget. The app is super user-friendly and helps you to stay on budget and allocate money toward savings goals.


Are you a new plant parent who can’t seem to keep your plants from unceremoniously dying? Or are you eager to own a few plants but haven’t made the jump yet because you don’t think you have what it takes? Enter Planta, an app that will provide tips for keeping all of your plants alive, including how often (and how, specifically) to water them, tips for the lighting they prefer, and more. It’s a super helpful way to become the plant owner you’ve always aspired to be.


This ever-popular language app is well-known for a reason. Duolingo breaks down the process of learning a language into easy-to-follow, bite-sized pieces for anyone who’s a novice at a given language. If you have the time to spare and are looking to learn a new language at a pace that works for your schedule, this would be a great place to start.


While learning grammar may not exactly be a new skill for any of us, it’s a worthy habit to improve upon, nonetheless. Our entire team uses the Grammarly extension as a simple first step in the editing process—for emails, internal documents, and essays alike. You can add the extension to your browser and easily have your work edited, all for free.