6 Toxic Beauty Ingredients to Avoid Once and for All

  • 8 months   ago
 Ingredients to Avoid
Ingredients to Avoid

The skin is scientifically considered to be the largest organ of the body. It quickly absorbs anything put on it. It will include dozens of beauty and skincare products we put on every day.

Switching to organic skincare products is critical to make you feel better. When you opt for a skincare regimen that includes organic skin care products, you mitigate the risk of being exposed to toxic chemicals. In the end, your skin will become clearer and healthier, and you know that you are doing something positive for your long-term health.

1. Parabens

Parabens are considered an entire family of chemicals that help preserve a product’s shelf life. When you go through products on grocery shelves and drugstores, parabens are typically a common ingredient.

They are present in nearly every product from face wash, night creams, make-up masks, body wash, and many others. They are omnipresent. The downside to parabens is they can mimic estrogen in the body, which disrupts the delicate hormonal balance.

Parabens are toxic and have been linked to breast cancer since they tend to be hormone disruptors. It can lead to reproductive and even fertility issues.

2. Phthalates

These are utilised to soften and increase the flexibility of plastics found in cosmetics. It helps products stick to the skin.

These chemicals are hazardous, especially to children. It is best to avoid them altogether since they can be endocrine disruptors. It can even result in congenital disabilities. Several laws and regulations have banned some types of phthalates from products aimed at children.

3. Fragrance

Although fragrance may not sound so scary as the others, it is considered a trade secret. Meaning companies don’t have an obligation to disclose what ingredients their fragrances are made of. It can be a troubling fact. Fragrances can be composed of so many products, some of which may be toxic. In contrast, organic skincare products utilise natural ingredients like fragrance. 

In many cases, the ingredients will include tons of chemicals that can result in allergies, hormone disruptions which result in complicated health problems such as reproductive issues and infertility.

4. Sodium Lauryl sulphate

These chemicals are known to result in skin irritation and various allergies. It is typically found in shampoos, body wash, as well as bubble baths.

5. BHT

These chemicals are synthetic antioxidants that are utilised to extend a product’s shelf life. But these are considered hormone disruptors that can result in liver damage.

It should be noted that the liver is the body’s primary defence against toxins. If it is not functioning at its optimum, other organs will likely not be performing at their best.

BHT is typically found in lipstick moisturisers and other cosmetics.

6. Retinol, Otherwise Known as Vitamin A

You might be surprised that retinol can cause harm to your body. It is widely considered to be a good ingredient. It helps soften wrinkles, but it has some drawbacks too. Doctors warn pregnant women never to use products with retinol and vitamin A.

And it turns out these products can damage DNA and speed up the growth of tumours on the skin. It is something you don’t ever want, especially when you are pregnant. 

It is critical to have a beauty regimen since everyone wants to look their best and be beautiful. However, there are numerous toxic chemicals infused in beauty products that are harmful to the body. It is best to turn to organic products and a natural skincare regimen with comparable and even better results than chemically-based products.

What to look for instead:

Following are the products one should actively attain for a glowing and healthy skin.

Glycolic acid

Glycolic acid is an exfoliant. It helps take the dead skin off your face, but it is not as hard as physical exfoliants. When the dead skin is removed from your skin, it reveals new and healthy skin from underneath. This makes your skin look brighter and gives you the Głowy dewy look everyone is going crazy nowadays.


Niacinamide helps the skin grow new skin cells so that when dead skin is exfoliated off the skin, new fresh skin can appear. It also protects the skin barriers from eternal harming factors such as pollution or sunlight. It is really helpful for people with acne-prone skin. When using niacinamide, you can see improvements in the texture of your skin and the overall feel of it.

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