6 Ways to Look More Fashionable Everyday

  • 3 years   ago
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Looking fashionable and stylish is not just for the models and celebrities. It is not about buying the most expensive clothes or wearing designer clothes. It is more about being comfortable and confident.

It can be as easy as tucking in your shirt at the front and letting loose at the back, or adding a watch or sunglasses. Comfortable fashion is truly all about experimenting with different styles for your personality.  Here are some easy tips to pull out your personality, pull out that style without trying so hard;

Choosing Colors

Color clashing was once a thing. Maybe not anymore. fashion trends come and go, and others repeat themselves. However, if you are not so sure about what colors to mix, then choose no more than three and coordinate them. 

Take for example light blue and off-white. Base your entire outfit off of this and throw in your favorite accessories, this could be light blue denim pants, with an off-white shirt.

Complement that with some light makeup, throw in a watch or your favorite silver necklace and pull that look off. No matter the scheme, you’ll look elevated.


Putting together a bunch of different fabrics in one look will never grow old. Ribbed knit, suede, silk, and leather, all in one look will make you stand out. Go bold with the color choices or just light, depending on the weather and your moods. Keep them in the same shade so they look coordinated and don’t forget to throw in some accessories. 


Any look paired with accessories will steal the spotlight no matter the colors or the texture. Sometimes all you need to add is a nice watch, or a pair of butterfly sunglasses, or a leather belt, sometimes a bow tie or suspenders, not to mention a couple of bracelets or double necklaces. 

Not because your pants don’t fit, or because the sun is too hot or too bright, but to add some taste and uniqueness to your outfit. No matter what you are wearing, throwing in a piece of jewelry or any other accessory of your choice would make a difference. 

Matching Sets

This is probably the easiest way to put on a stylish look. Know how you try on 20 tops, or 10 pants just to find the perfect fit? Well, having a couple of matching sets in your closet will do the trick. It is not only time-saving but also a great and affordable way (matching sets always look cute and are not even as expensive) to look expensive and stylish.

You can choose to go with a skirt suit, a knit set, or the ever-trending sweatsuit. The only task this leaves you with is pairing the set with matching shoes and accessories. 

Blazers and Leather Jackets

These are two pieces of clothing you must have in your closet. They make everything look great. And there are so many ways you can wear them. Sometimes you don’t even need to put them on, just grab a blazer or leather jacket and throw it on your shoulders; one side, or both. Or if you don’t mind, you can just hold them in your hand.

Tucking In

Tucking in was great for office and corporate business. But fashion has changed and you can tuck in our tops out in the streets as well. And there are so many ways of tucking in; don’t tuck in all the way around, maybe just at the front or the side. You can also just loosely tuck in not all the way tight. 

Whether you are wearing jeans, denim pants, a skirt, shorts, or even sweatpants, this will pull out a different look. Just make sure to pair it with some nice shoes and a watch or sunglasses.