7 Areas of Your Home That Need a Renovation Now

  • 7 months   ago

A home renovation is a big deal, but it could be exactly what you need to make your home a much more desirable or livable place. Whether you're just doing it to update the looks or planning on selling and need to up the value, you should consider all possible renovation jobs you can commit to.

There's a lot to cover when doing a renovation. You need to plan your project and budget. Figure out the tools, watch some tutorials, and maybe recruit some help, too. The joy of a renovating project is when it's all done, and you can look at your hard work, but part of the fun is also doing the renovating itself. It's not for everyone, but it's a good idea to improve your home regardless.

The biggest question before you start your renovation is about picking out the project. Do you want to reshingle the roof? Redo the kitchen? Maybe retile the bathroom, all of which are equally important. Here are seven areas where you should begin your new renovations.

1. Kitchen

The kitchen is easily one of the first places you should consider when starting a new renovation project. You spend an incredible amount of time in this room, so it only makes sense that you'd want to make it look nicer and more functional. Kitchen renovations are great for two reasons: 1. They are useful for turning your bland or old kitchen into a nicer and updated version of itself, and 2. It's one of the two most important rooms in your home, along with the main bathroom. Your kitchen can be outfitted with a new backsplash, new paint, changing the flooring/tiling, or changing the layout of cupboards and a countertop. Consider installing a kitchen island as well if you can.

2. Patio

Not many people realize how lacking their patio and backyard area may be, so it’s not a bad idea to turn it into something much more fun and friendly. According to the pros at https://royalcovers.com/alumawood-patio-covers-phoenix-arizona-installer/, a good way to do this is by protecting the patio itself. Keeping the stones or the tiling protected from the elements is a good first step. From there, you can add more seating arrangements, a better barbecue spot, a firepit, and eventually branch out and add more potentially entertaining things to the yard like a hot tub or even a pool. The patio shouldn't be forgotten when renovating.

3. Guest bedroom

Your guest bedroom plays a crucial and functional role in the use of your house. Firstly, it's a good place to allow guests to stay at night, especially during the holidays, after parties, or when parents/in-laws visit. Secondly, a good guest bedroom is also important as a general room. You might not even use it as a bedroom and convert it into a home office or a workout studio, but the point is that you need to make sure that a guest bedroom is nice, too. People don't want to stay in a room that feels like a time warp back to the 60s, so coordinate it with the look of the rest of the house to keep it looking fresh.

4. Rec room

The basement has always been a useful room because most people like to use it as a recreational room. Putting in a nice entertainment system like a home theater is a fun way to make the space enjoyable for all, but it's far from the only way. Another great idea is to turn it into a home gym. It has more space than a guest bedroom for workout equipment, and the floor is sturdier, so you won't have to worry as much about weight putting pressure on the ground. All in all, a good rec room should have a central theme to keep it cohesive and make it fun to use for you, your family, and guests.

5. Master bedroom

The master bedroom is one room you always need to keep in mind when considering a home renovation. This is the place you'll be spending a whole lot of time, considering it's your sleeping area. Knowing that, you should add a new bedspread and consider upgrading to a new mattress. All new curtains, a better furniture set, and maybe even changing the flooring to hardwood or carpet are smart ways to make sure your most important bedroom is up to your standards.

6. Garage

There isn't too much you can truly renovate about a garage. It's more or less a redecorating or reshuffling. Changing up your garage space can prove to be very instrumental in how your home works. You don't want to crowd up the space with storage and junk like many do because it limits this part of your home's actual viability, which is to store your car. It's best to consider adding floating shelves, lockers, tool cabinets, and other storage units that will help keep things like sports equipment and other miscellaneous equipment out of the way, so you can finally use your garage again.


7. Crawl space

The crawl space is slightly different from a basement. It can either be in the basement or the attic. A crawl space is like a bonus room in the house. Some are big enough to fit a bed in, and others are too small to fully fit a person in, but it's a great idea to find your crawl space or attic and renovate it to make it more useful. This means you should consider doing some drywalling to get the place looking nicer and more complete, and adding any flooring, so it isn't just cold concrete. A crawl space can be a really useful additional place for storage.

Committing to a new renovation project is big and exciting, so you want to pick out what area or room of the home you want to dive into first. This list gives you a good idea of some expected and unexpected places to start your home project.