7 Best Localities for Student Accommodation in London

  • 1 year ago

Finding the best locality for student accommodation in London can be a tad difficult. Especially for an international student. The total number of international students enrolled in universities across London for 2018-19 was 125,035. China saw a growth of 20% and India saw a growth of 35% of students coming to London for studies.

Choice of the locality can depend on several factors. If you are a student, you want the location to be nearest to your university campus. Students also look for cheap accommodation in London, as they need to maintain the expenses of studies, travel, and leisure activities. Some of them even look for part-time jobs.

So, a locality with campus nearby or a tube station is preferable. Apart from the budget factor, student spaces must be safe. London is also known for some localities with crime vulnerability. So, what are the ideal locations for you to browse in your search for the best student accommodation in London? Let’s explore!




1.Central London:

Whether it’s Camden or the prestigious Bloomsbury in zone 1 of central London, you can have multiple options. Central London is known for upmarket designers, high streets, and long lanes full of eateries. It is also a place for the best student accommodation in London.

From King’s College London to University College London or UCL, central London has all the big names as far as universities are concerned. It has a very well connected network of buses and underground tubes for students to commute.

For leisure purposes, Charlotte street is popular for several restaurants that operate round the clock. Students can get several options under budget near localities like Kensington. The area has many purpose-built student accommodations. It offers the best studios and one-bedroom apartments too for students in London.

2. Spitalfields:

It is an old market in the heart of East London. But, it is the most historic market in London with a long history of immigrants coming to this area. It is the reason why international students may find it as the second home. It was restored in 2005 under the Spitalfields regeneration programme. It has multiple victorian era markets restored.

But, Spitalfiorlds is also known for PBSAs or Purpose Built Student Accommodations. There are many such student spaces. The area is known for strong tube network and community standards. As the area is farther away from Central London, it is relatively affordable.

It has two major public spaces for student leisure time. The Bishop square and Crispin place are popular across London. So, look for the best student accommodations through leasing services. There are different services like Ocxee that offer you accommodations and other necessary support. You can take guidance on such locations from your University guide or a leasing agency. 

3. Hoxton:

Hoxton the posh historical locality in London. It is often confused with the nearby district of Shoreditch. The famous Hoxton market is known for its diversity. It has a rich historical culture and art lovers will find plenty here. For International arts students finding apartments in London, the northern part of the district seems to be perfect. It has many residential communities.

4. Wembley:

It is home to many diverse communities in London. It is the principal town for Brent in London. It is located in North-West London. Especially for Indian students looking to get a familiar accommodation in London, Wembley seems to be the best. Because it is often termed as the “Mini India” of London.

5. Woolwich:

It is a district in SouthEast London. It comes in the Royal Borough of Greenwich. It is nearby to the world-famous University of Greenwich. Earlier in the 20th century, the famous University was in Woolwich. It is considered as one of the most affordable locations for student accommodation in London. It has many options for students with amenities and strong travel network.

6. Stratford:

If you are a sports lover then this is the best locality for you. Stratford has many stadiums and parks for sports activities. It also has the University of East London. You can find the best education campuses like Birkbeck University, Stratford University, Staffordshire University and many others. You can easily find student accommodation near to the Olympic Park of London. If you are interested in theatre than it has the royal Stratford theatre for your leisure time.

7. Finsbury Park:

If you are searching for cheap student accommodations near famous Universities in London, then this is the right locality! Finsbury Park has access to the best tube network. You can reach UCL or the University of London in a shorter period. It is also close to other universities like the University of Westminster. It has many bars, restaurants, and other leisure places. If you are a football fan then you will not like to miss the famous Emirates Stadium here.


Every year you will find many international students arrive in London. Their aspirations and dreams to make big in the world need the right space. It is not just about those hostel rooms anymore. Modern student accommodations offer amenities that can beat a luxurious hotel. But, you have to pay according to the amenities.

While there are areas in London that offer cheap student accommodation, but, they may be far from the hear of the city. Yet, if you find the right guidance, you can end up finding the best student accommodation in London.