Excellent Tips to Re-Grow Your Lashes after Extensions

  • 2 years   ago

After a couple of years of eyelash extensions and numerous fill appointments, there were a few downsides that I would like to share with you. In this post, I will cover why lash extensions fell off and what you should do to quicken their regrowth. 

There are few pros to having lash extensions, but there are also several cons, and I think it’s essential to consider these as well:

You have to get them filled frequently. Some people can go 3-5 weeks without a fill, but few require a fill every two weeks. It’s time consuming, annoying, and it’s costly, too. If you don’t get them filled, you’ll have gaps between extensions, and it will look odd.

You shouldn’t have eyelash extensions for more than a couple of years without having a break to give your own lashes time to thicken back up. I was,to some extent, forced into this, but more on that later.

You can’t wear waterproof cosmetics of any type, so if your favorite eyeliner is waterproof, you will have to find a different one.

You have to be very careful about your skincare routine and any sunblock that you use because certain materials can break down the glue that retains those lash extensions on.

Are you doing this for anextraordinary event, or is this a long term commitment? Once you start, it’s not easy to stop!




All My Lash Extensions Fell Off.

Now What?

Yes, all of my lash extensions fell off, and it felt somewhat terrible. I didn’t realize.It was that unsuccessful until those fell off. When you’re used to having these stunningcurled, long lashes and you look in the mirror to see an almost bare lash line.

Why Did My Eyelash Extensions Fall Off?

The lash technician I’d been seeing was new to the game and used expired glue. Simple as that. Most eyelash bars are busy too much that their product turnover is high, but it isn’t always the scene.

TIP: If you want lash extensions my advice is to go to a skilled professional You want to make sure that the product they’re using is right and that they know not to put the lashes too close to your lash line otherwise your eye will itch and swell as the lashes try to grow out.

To be honest, this was possibly a good thing. I was at that time when I wanted to give my own lashes a pause from extensions and allow them to grow out naturally. I still felt like I needed to try and speed up the process.

Tipsfor a Bare Lash Line

Traditional Strip Lashes. Caution: I have zero skill to apply these myself. Your local lash bar or Spa Fredericton will apply them for you! They’re a great solution if your lashes are tiny and you have an importantevent to join.

Magnetic False Eyelashes: I have never applied these myself, But! They are far simpler than old-fashioned false strip eyelashes, they are reusable, and there’s no glue. These eyelashes come in all lash types and colours, and they are cheap too.

What is Long Term Solution?

That’s only when Your Lashes Grow Back!

Growing your eyelashes out is just like trying to grow out your nails, your hair, and youreyebrows…If you are fit and healthy, then thesooner they should grow. There is no reason why you can’t try a few kinds of stuff at once to help re-grow your lashes: I advise combining taking vitamin and minerals and using a serum that might be applied directly to the lash line.

Here are a few useful tips you can try to speed up the growth process:

Medical Grade Serumfor Lash Growth: Latisselash growth Serum is available by prescription only and is confirmed to be effective. There are some disadvantages aside from needing a script to get it – it can be costly, and if you have brighter eyes, it can cause dark under-eye circles. You might have long lashes, but you’ll need to layer on some more concealer.

Cosmetic Serum for Lash Growth. This is the way I took. I search on the internet and read the reviews, and I considered which brands I trusted.  This serum can be bought without any prescription.  

Take the right vitamins and Minerals: Biotin. We all know this as those “yummy gummies nail, skin and hair” and they help with that. You can also buy them in pill form if you don’t like extra sugar.

Sadly, no matter what, patience is key here. These kinds of stuff take time and other than just re-applying lash extensions, there’s no permanent,quick fix.

Some Tips for Making Your Lashes

Step 1: Get a Lash Lift and Tint. It used to be called an eyelash perm because it is just that – a semi-permanent curl for lashes! A lash tint helps to darken all those tiny lashes, so they don’t look missing while they grow out.

A Lash lift and tint can last for a month. It’s an excellent place to start when re-growing your lashes. It can help them grow in the direction (up and not out!). 

Step 2: Use Mascara Primers. Before I had lash extensions, I wear one all the time, and it was a must-have in my cosmetics bag. It not only adds length and volume, but it also contains natural ingredients that condition lashes to guard them againstharm and help them grow out and stay strong.

Step 3: Eyelash Care. When you had lash extensions, I hope you were diligent about perfectly caring for your lashes. It’s important to follow these good habits. Also,be careful not to rub your eyes too hard and always brush out your lashes to remove any debris.