Fashion and Function: The Elements of Science and Discovery in Rolex Milgauss

  • 8 months   ago

Many watch lovers all over the world always include Rolex in their lovely collection. Of course, no one wants to refuse the beauty and elegance of Rolex watches, most especially the Rolex Milgauss that was introduced to the public in the year of 1956. This watch has a particular technology that can stand against any electromagnetic fields up to a thousand gauss. That's why it got its name from the word “mille,” which means one thousand. 

Some watches may lose accuracy and precision when exposed to areas or specific facilities with high levels of electromagnetic energy. Hence, the Rolex Milgauss watches bring science and discovery with both fashion and function. Here are the different models of Rolex Milgauss below. Choose one that significantly fits your lifestyle and suits your fashion taste. 

Rolex Milgauss Steel Automatic Black Dial

The Rolex Milgauss watches were manufactured and made available to the public to respond to people's needs in the scientific community or environment. This particular model, 116400gv-0001, has a black dial display with a luminescence finish. Besides that, the hands and the indexes will stay luminous even in the dark. 

Moreover, you’ll also notice the glowing hour markers in orange color for 9 o’clock, 6 o’clock, and 3 o’clock, and the rest are in white. You’ll surely appreciate the light reflections that come from the green sapphire around the bezel, which is absolutely scratch-resistant and will make your watch stay clear and legible even at a distance. 

The primary material used for the casing and band is stainless steel, and the back part is absolutely solid. This Rolex Milgauss model's display is in a beautiful round shape with 40 millimeters in total diameter. It's water-resistant up to a hundred meters. Then, this Rolex Milgauss model will surely be one of your favorites in your luxury watch collection. 

Rolex Milgauss Automatic Blue Dial

The Rolex Milgauss automatic blue dial is another sought-after model that many people look for from different parts of the world. Its blue dial display adds to its elegance and creates a romantic feel. Its hands are in a luminous silver shade that gives a beautiful contrasting effect to its dial display. 

The hour markers look simple, yet they add to the overall sophistication of the watch design while they keep glowing in the dark. Besides that, this Rolex Milgauss watch model, 116400gv-0002, has a gorgeous sapphire crystal that’s completely scratch-resistant, safeguarding hundreds of little parts inside the entire case. To ensure that comfort and fit are fully achieved, the Oysterlock clasp is provided and well set up.  

The casing and the band of this watch are made of stainless steel, and the back portion of it is completely solid. Its display is round with 40 millimeters of diameter in total. The height is 13 millimeters, and the lug width is 20 millimeters. It’s also water-resistant up to a hundred meters. This watch is actually for men. However, those women who love bulky, formal, and masculine-looking timepieces never let this watch escape from their list. 

Rolex Milgauss White Dial Stainless Steel

Another masterpiece of Rolex is this Rolex Milgauss White Dial Stainless Steel. Yes, this luxuriously designed Milgauss watch has a white dial display that makes it look more stunning and gorgeous on anyone’s wrist. Besides that, the white dial display significantly transforms the hands and the hour markers to be more legible, clear, and aesthetically visible. 

The hands are in luminous silver color and the indexes and seconds hand are in a contrasting shade to create a palette in making this entire watch design complete. Like the two previous watches, this Rolex Milgauss model, 116400, uses stainless steel for its entire casing and band. Its back portion is also made of absolutely solid. 

The round shape of the display has a total of forty millimeters in diameter. It’s automatic and water-resistant up to a hundred meters. Besides that, this automatic Rolex Milgauss watch includes a feature of a power reserve for two days long or forty-eight hours. That’s why you can never be wrong when you add this Rolex Milgauss model to your collection of luxurious timepieces.



Wearing a watch has been part of everyone's fashion style every day. It’s not merely a piece of jewelry that you can put on your wrist anytime, but it’s more than that. Your watch is with you every time you are bombarded with different tasks and schedules. It helps you be on time and never be late. On top of that, if you’re working in an environment with high levels of electromagnetic energy, you badly need this watch. Hence, get one now, and be a certified Rolex watch lover.