FOLLOW these 5 SIMPLE tips to be the best version of yourself this New Year

  • 10 months   ago

A fresh year psychs you to have a fresh start as if almost giving you another shot at life. Everybody at this time of the year feels rejuvenated and refreshed and wants to rectify the mistakes they made in the past year. While this year has been particularly challenging and has pushed all your limits, the coming year has certainly got everybody’s hopes up. 

While writing your resolutions for the coming year, you might want to add a point, which is, for you to be the best version of yourself. It is not about being a new person altogether but just improving yourself and correcting your flaws. So here are 5 tips to work upon yourself and make the most of what you possess.


Learn something new every day

There is endless and unlimited knowledge available. Learn any skill, be it making a cake or sewing or a foreign language. Learn whatever you like, just don’t put a stop to it and keep expanding your knowledge.

Take risks

As it is often said, your best life is outside your comfort zone. Get out of your comfort zone and take risks. Even if it scares the hell out of you! Be brave and convince yourself that you are stronger than you think.

Practice self-love

Love yourself and every aspect of you. Sure, don’t love yourself so blindly as to conceal your flaws. Acknowledge what you possess and what you lack and work accordingly to be the best version of yourself.


For you to feel good and look good, physical activity is very important. It doesn’t have to be a strenuous or rigid workout routine; it can even be as simple as jogging or cycling. The important thing is to keep moving.

Start saying “Yes”

Say yes to that solo trip, say yes to that bold outfit, say yes to you spending an evening with yourself with some wine and Netflix! Say yes to everything and see where it takes you and helps you evolve.