The Jewelry Guide to Buying the Perfect Ring During This Pandemic

  • 7 months   ago
 Perfect Ring

This pandemic has robbed everyone of physical presence at many important events and gatherings. Many weddings, gatherings and special occasions were forced to be celebrated virtually. Couples this valentine’s day even celebrated through their screens. Are you one of those couples? 

Anniversaries and small milestones for couples are now best celebrated through gifts. During this pandemic and various mobility restrictions, the best way to shop your gift for your significant other is through buying online. You can buy rings online and many more varieties of jewellery pieces for your celebrations and month’s long-delayed proposal! This article is destined to make your love conquer the pandemic but with safety measures.


Plan Your Budget and Other Segments of Your Surprise Efficiently

Aside from the gift, there are still other elements for your much-awaited surprise. It can be food, decorations, and venue. Make sure to plan and coordinate them precisely to avoid last-minute conflicts. If you are planning to buy her a jewellery piece, you must choose a style that best suits her personality. If you are going to choose a custom item, make sure to collaborate it well with the designer. So, you will get the quality that you pay for.



It comes as a shock to not only men but women too that you can bargain with the jeweller. Most of the time the markup on rings is insane. Find the right jeweller who will work within your given budget and provide you with the best quality there is. Always remember to do your own research and not only depend on what is being told to you by the jeweller.

Buying certified only

Buying a diamond is heavy on the pocket there's no doubt about that so you obviously want what's best for the money you'll spend and don’t want to get scammed. You could think you’ve gotten an amazing bargain on your dream ring, but in relit you’ve got a piece of glass that could retail at a quarter of the price you're giving for it. Make sure when buying the ring that the diamond is certified y GIA. Also, double-check to see if the certification within with the diamond is the certificate for the same diamond. Many jewellers have tricked people with this and gotten a big profit.

Learn the Basic Jewelry Guide, the 4 Cs

If you are planning to get her the women’s best friend, which are diamonds; then you should keep these four basics in mind:


  • Cut: It’s not what meets the eye; it is not the shape of how the diamond was cut. It refers to the proportionality and ability to reflect light. A good quality diamond will produce symmetric light.
  • Colour: It is about the natural colour or the no presence of colour in a diamond. Did you know that when a diamond is colourless, it is extremely rare? But it does not necessarily mean that it is top quality. The colours emitted by jewels are the result of hue, tone, and saturation. And there is a scale created by the Gemological Institute of America or GIA to characterize them: Colourless (D-F grade), Near Colourless (G-J grade), Noticeable Colour (K-Z grade)
  • Clarity: Since diamonds were mined in the world’s deepest parts, debris, inclusions, and some blemished on them are just normal. Although, diamonds that are considered flawless are said to be rare and sold at a high value.
  • Carat: It is a unique way of measuring the weight of jewels and diamonds. Some people thought that it is the size of a diamond, but carats refer to how heavy a diamond is. Its unit is often called total carat weight or t.c.w.



Make Sure to Get Her Size Right

But try not to make it obvious that you are getting her a gift. This is hard and could make you anxious. But try to be natural; if you are scared to ask her, you can ask her friends to do the work. If you are trying to buy rings online for her, shops offer free sizers and have designs that are even adjustable.



As the classic Beyonce song says, “if you like it, then put a ring on it!”. Do not let the pandemic stop you from expressing how you love your significant other. Thankfully, gifts and other things are now accessible and can be efficiently arranged online. Let the love fill the air!

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