Top 10 greatest comebacks in football history

  • 1 year ago

Comebacks in any sport make you thrilled. However, football is a difficult sport to mark a return. There are not too many chances to score in one match and if a team is under excellent guidance, it can always protect the goal. Fortunately, a comeback occurs sometimes and surprises us, not only emotionally but also betting. 

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Want to know the top 10 greatest comebacks in football history? Check it out below. 

10 greatest comebacks in football history
1. Barcelona 6-1 PSG
This is one of the all-time greatest UEFA Champions League comebacks. In the first leg, PSG won 4-0. Literally, it’s no hope for Barcelona to go upstream. However, miracles are always possible, and it certainly is.
PSG sensed the feeling of elimination, but they didn’t do enough to stop Barcelona and even made the mistake of contributing a score to their enemy. Suarez's early goal, then Messi's penalty, Neymar's free-kick, and 2 more in the final minutes of the match brought it all for Barcelona. This extraordinary comeback led Barcelona to win that year's treble.
2. Liverpool 3-3 Milan
You can watch this match a thousand times without getting bored. In the first half of this match, Milan played football out of this world. Liverpool conceded 3 goals in just the first 45 minutes. 
Then, they came back from the dead. The second half came with Steven Gerrard - Liverpool’s captain in the 54th minute. Then Vladimir Smicer scored Liverpool’s 2nd goal of the game with a strong strike. Xabi Alonso’s penalty was scored on the rebound in the 59th minute. 3-3. 
The match came down to the penalty round. And with the excellent performance of Liverpool’s goalkeeper, then this team won. What a thrilling comeback!

3. Manchester United 2-1 Bayern Munich
Camp Nou witnessed lots of legendary football games, but this match is nothing except magic.
In the 6th minutes, Basler’s free-kick gave Bayern Munich a 1–0. Then the Bayern's defense remained solid and well organized. MU’s fans began to run out of hope. 
At that moment, Teddy Sheringham, with the extra 30 seconds, shook Bayern's goal for Man United. Solskjær then took the Red Devils to the promised land by another goalscoring. Thanks to these 2 goals, Manchester United made a strong comeback and won the treble in 1999.
4. AS Monaco 3-1 Real Madrid
Real Madrid has been more successful in the Champions League than any other team. 2004 was exceptional when AS Monaco appeared.
Real Madrid won their first home leg with a 4-2. After that, they also made the situation more severe for Monaco by scoring the first goal in the return leg, pulling the aggregate score to 5-2.
However, AS Monaco did a historic turning point. 3 goals, 2 from captain Giuly and 1 from Fernando Morientes have made an unbelievable comeback to help AS Monaco beat Real Madrid in that season.

5. Portugal 5-3 North Korea

This is definitely a World Cup classic match of all time. North Korea came to the 1966 World Cup as an outsider and it’s surprising when they marked their country’s name in one of the greatest comebacks in World Cup tournaments. It’s even weirder when North Korea was the team to score first.
In the 1966 World Cup quarter-final, Portugal conceded 3 goals to North Korea in the first 30 minutes of the game. However, the Portuguese legend named Eusebio scored an amazing 4 goals, and another Eusebio’s teammate earned 1 more to bring Portugal a comeback winning 5-3.

6. Manchester City 4-3 Tottenham Hotspur
In the 4th round of the 2003–2004 FA Cup, Tottenham Hotspur F.C took a 3–0 lead in mid-half. Man City can hardly come upstream with this score when playing with just 10 players due to a red card.
But Manchester City then scored 4 excellent goals when the 2nd half started, ushering in an unbelievable victory. Goals from Sylvain Distin, Paul Bosvelt, Shaun Wright-Phillips, and Jon Macken contributed to a victory described by one press as "as great a comeback as English football has ever known".
7. Liverpool 4-0 Barcelona
From a 3-0 loss in the first leg against Barcelona, ​​Liverpool did a comeback to earn a place in the Champions League final. With the Red’s dominants and Barcelona’s reeling, Trent Alexander-Arnold finished the game with Origi’s remembrance shot.
After all the chaos, history has been made for both teams: Liverpool 4-0 Barcelona.

8. Barcelona 2-2 Chelsea
The ambitious Guardiola wanted to win over Chelsea as they lost 0-1 to the Blues in the earlier leg. Sergio Busquets fired the 1st goal in the 35th minute then Iniesta shot another in the 44th minute. Chelsea was no hope at that time.
Then, Chelsea raised again with Ramirez’s goal hitting the Barcelona net. Fernando Torres got the message from his team and dribbled past Valdes to score. In total, Chelsea 3-2 Barcelona.
9. Real Madrid 4-1 Atletico Madrid
In 2014, the match began with 2 Spanish football teams: Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid. Even being ahead by Diego Godin’s goal in the first half, Real Madrid sealed the victory of 4–1 after extra time. Atletico Madrid’s stunning defense was broken in the 94th minute by Sergio Ramos. This led to the rain of goals for Real.
With goals from Gareth Bale, Marcelo, and Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid made a spectacular comeback and finally gained the 10th title in Champions League after 12 years.
10. Sweden 4-4 Germany
4 goals in less than 30 minutes in the 2nd half secured Sweden an unimaginable draw against Germany team in an exciting 2014 World Cup qualifier. We know this match result may seem ridiculous. However, it’s the truth.
Sweden's comeback had stunned Germany. “I can find no explanation as to how we let a 4-0 lead slip out of our hands. It's deathly quiet in the changing room. Players are laid out on the benches and are totally speechless" - said Joachim Loew - the Germany boss.
Football could be a heaven where miracles can come true and who once a loser can make a strong comeback to prove they’re worth admiring. Football fans like us are always thrilled to see our favorite team climb upstream in any matches. We know that, and here we bring you the top 10 greatest comebacks in football history. See your club’s name here yet? Let us know.
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