How to Make Video Online from Scratch

  • 7 months   ago
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Since the digital revolution, people of the modern world rely on the internet for everything. These days, everyone loves watching video content online. Content is indeed king, but when it comes to all content formats, videos reign supreme. Since it stimulates more senses and promotes better understanding, people naturally prefer videos to blog articles, podcasts, and explicit images. Thankfully, you can now count on an online video maker to create sensational-looking videos that wow a crowd!

If you’re still not convinced, take a look at compelling statistics. Today, more than half of the world watches an hour of YouTube or FB videos in a week. Notably, people worldwide watch 500 million hours of YT videos a day. Hence, if you want your business page or personal profile to receive massive attention, you must incorporate video marketing in your strategy. Let’s dive deep below to see how you can use this tool. Fret not because even newbies can now make videos from scratch thanks to a video maker. 

Perks of Using a Video Maker

With the help of a video maker, even the average Joe can create stunning videos without extensive film theory knowledge. You don’t need pro editing tools or any other fancy gadgets. Hence, you save money on license fees and computer equipment. Moreover, you can also forgo paying a professional editor. Instead, you can easily make your videos with a few flicks of your finger with this digital solution. If you want to churn out content every day, you can readily do so with your mobile camera phone and your online editor. 

Moreover, these modern video-making apps come with an easy user interface that makes it very easy for newbies to work on projects. You can choose from a broad range of pre-designed templates, which make your designing life simple and fun. Just drag and drop the elements that you like, and you’re good to go. With this at your disposal, you save a lot of time, effort, and energy in trimming footage to make them look perfect. 

Accessible to Multiple Gadgets

Because this innovation accords tons of convenience, you can use this on-the-go without any glitches. Edit projects with your mobile gadgets, or you can do it via desktop or laptop. You choose which works best for you. Above all, most digital video maker apps come with an affordable price tag. Some have a free option, while others provide a limited free trial. If you need higher specs, you can pay a small fee to use the features you need. Take a look at the following elements you can use to spruce up your videos:

  • Make use of tons of customizable templates.

  • Utilize an assortment of high-quality stock videos and images. 

  • Add various effects, cuts, animation, and transitions.

  • Use music, voice-over narratives, and sound effects. 

  • Include typography to create your personalized wordings. 

As you can see, these various embellishing tools allow you to create cinematic content that you can proudly share online. More importantly, a video maker will enable you to add your brand’s watermark so no one can infringe on your unique content. 

Crucial Steps for Creating a Video

Need help getting started? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Read the mini how-to below to learn how to do things from scratch. This can also help you polish your skills so you can create any video format to impress anyone. 

Step 1: Plan Wisely

Start with a storyboard so you can make good video content. Every good project starts with a rock-solid plan so you can craft compelling content for your target audience. A goal without a dream remains a wish. With the right outlines in place, you don’t waste your resources. 

Step 2: Choose a Tool

Select which video maker to use that will serve as an ally for all your projects. Don’t feel overwhelmed by the many tools online. Set up an account that you can use for free, with a minimal top-up for extra features. From there, you will have everything you need to compose content. When you open an account, you can create the following projects:

  • Slideshows for work 

  • Explainer videos

  • Intro videos 

  • Tutorials or demos

  • Live stories 

  • Short reels

Step 3: Select a Template 

Starting from scratch isn’t hard when you can use a template for inspiration. All video makers give you tons of themed templates to work with. A template assures you to make your video by clicking the clips, images, and effects you like. With this, you can complete it in a few minutes. Look at these few template examples:

  • Contemporary

  • Minimalist

  • Geometric

  • Old classic

  • Monochrome

  • Autumn 

Step 4: Customize the Work

Even if you’re using a template, you can customize it to let your flair and style shine through. You can use your footage or add video clips and photos from the library. Furthermore, you can tweak the background and change the colors. You can amplify your project by cutting and trimming or adding the following:

  • Filters

  • Sound effects

  • Musical scoring 

  • Voice-over narration

  • Animation

  • Fonts

  • Clip arts

Step 5: Preview, Edit, Share, or Download

Once you’ve finished adding the elements you like, don’t forget to preview the work. This gives you a chance to edit mistakes. Watch out for spelling errors, jagged transitions, blurry footage, and the like. Make the necessary tweaks to ensure your videos look their best. When you’re happy, render the video and directly share it on social media. Your video maker also allows you to save the work to a cloud or download it to a flash drive for whatever purpose you need. Best of all, with this tool, you can make changes anytime to ensure your craft morphs into visual perfection.

Feel Confident with the Right Tool

To sum up, a video maker empowers anyone to create stunning video content by transforming this usually complex task into a simple process. Today, these innovative tools assure you can make videos without a film degree. You can also do it without expensive gadgets and software. Now, you have no excuse to fear video creation because this easy digital solution assures you can create heart-warming videos that look professional and polished. 

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