Most Efficient File Management Web-Based Tools of GogoPDF for Free

  • 8 months   ago

Many years ago, it wasn’t as easy as it seems to manage and organize electronic files in your computer drive or smartphone. You might need to use particular computer software, install an application, or ask for help and assistance from computer professionals. Today, everything becomes easy, and many websites are now available on the internet that offer various services and file tools for entirely free. 

One of these popular platforms that has been in the market for years is GogoPDF. It comes with different helpful file tools that you can access on its official website. Here are a few of those GogoPDF web-based tools below. Check the details of each one and see its potential to help you efficiently manage your electronic files. 

PDF Merger Tool Online

A disorderly computer file folder may sometimes be the reason why it’ll take you time to locate and retrieve a particular PDF file. Hence, you have to employ an effective file organization strategy to make it more well-organized, and GogoPDF has a specialized tool online that you can use to merge PDF free of charge. 

It’s the PDF merger tool of GogoPDF that will help you sort out your files in your device’s file storage. Hence, the PDFs you use for the same purpose can be combined into one PDF file. For example, the PDFs you use for your business can be merged together. The same thing goes for the PDFs you use for work, school, or leisure. You can also unify them in a single PDF file. 

By doing this, if you have tons of computer file folders, they will surely decrease in number, and that will help you avoid your PDFs scattered on your computer or smartphone screen. Hence, the next time you’ll be looking for a particular PDF file, you would know what folder to open and which merged files to search for it. That's pretty time-saving and so convenient. 

Online File Converter

Another online file tool of GogoPDF is the file converter. If you want to have another format of your existing files, you can go ahead and convert them to the format you need. Your Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, and Word documents can be transformed into PDF files in no time. 

Moreover, you can also process conversion with your files in HTML and JPG to PDF. For your PDF files that you intentionally want to store for long-term safekeeping, you have to convert them to PDF/A. Don’t worry because the entire file conversion process won’t take much of your time. In fact, after you’ve uploaded your files on the file converter of GogoPDF online, the system will complete the task within a few minutes. That’s the quickest procedure of file conversion using GogoPDF. 

PDF Password Protect Online

Setting up a password in your PDF files is an effective way to protect them from any tendencies of unpermitted file access and use of information. You only have to get your PDFs uploaded on the PDF password protection tool of GogoPDF on its website. Then, you’ll need to make a personalized password. You can incorporate different numbers, capital, and small letters and even include symbols that you want. 

The system will then begin saving the password you’ve created and provided that will usually take a few minutes to complete. After that, there you have it! Your PDF files are encrypted moving forward. Just don’t forget to keep the password safe and only share it with people you’re permitting to access your encrypted PDF files. 

Unlock PDF Files Online

If the previous tool allows you to add a secure password in your electronic files, this next one will delete the password you’ve set up. If your PDF files only cointan general or basic information and you’ll also have a tendency to forget the password every time you access and view the PDFs, you may consider removing it. 

Because of this, you can use the unlock PDF tool of GogoPDF, and it starts with uploading your files on its online tool. The system will then begin the password removal procedure. After a few minutes, you can download the newly decrypted PDF files in your device's file storage. 


Managing and organizing your electronic files can be a set of demanding file tasks. However, with the right tools and enough skills, it’ll surely become a piece of cake using the GogoPDF platform. Therefore, if you struggle handling your electronic files now or in the future, you can always check the GogoPDF website to access and use its various online tools for free.