Naya Clinics Utilizing Technology to Save Marriages

  • 1 year ago

Technology can be a bane on your relationships - too much screen time, too little intimacy. Some people spend hours gaming, much to the distaste of their partner. While there is inherent good that can come out from using technology in moderation, it is nonetheless the reason behind many fights, whether it’s because of social media and one’s partner engaging with someone of the opposite gender, or simply due to the lack of attention another is receiving. There are many ways in which technology can wreak havoc on any relationship, regardless of how strong it is.

With the rise disruptions caused by technology, there is also a saving grace. Mental health and counseling practices have been migrating their services online and offering therapy to those who need it. Naya Clinics is one such practice and they have successfully implemented it into their practice with the sole purpose of helping people find their happiness. Sam Nabil, Founder of Naya Clinics, has found a way to change that. By switching up screen time on social media or media streaming services with online therapy.

Online therapy doesn’t quite carry the same stigma as going to a psychiatrist or therapist’s office and hashing things out because to an office to talk about your marital problems oftentimes feel too serious. Having a safe place to chat online about what you’re facing together as a couple through the internet feels much more comfortable. It also helps that Sam Nabil’s therapists are certified in many American states. For his global patients, he also offers life coaching to comply with international regulations. 

Along with the rise of technology and modern times, Nabil felt it was time for the world to adopt more forward thinking. He is the pioneer of PET (Positive Existential Therapy) which, according to Nabil, “merges the deep insights, humanity and wisdom of existential psychotherapy”. It is carefully tested and can be used to treat clients who no longer respond to outdated techniques such as cognitive behavioral therapy. 

Patients of Naya Clinics have greatly enjoyed Nabil’s techniques and have many good things to say about the therapist. Reviews say that Nabil is “professional and caring towards those he interacts with. I admire his ability to connect with people and make differences in their lives.” Aside from couple therapy, Nabil also focuses on the individual to help them come to terms with their own challenges with themselves. Oftentimes, we project our own unhappiness with ourselves onto our spouses or the people around us. It is a coping mechanism that we have yet to lose.

Nabil wants to help people realize that self-help comes from within. When we’re happy with ourselves and confident in our own skin, that is when we can truly give others the love they deserve. If we’re feeling apprehensive, broken, or have certain issues that haunt us, we are unable to be the loving partner or parent that our family needs. This doesn’t mean that we need to be perfect in order to have a good life, it just means that we need to accept our problems and communicate them to our partners so they know what to expect.

Naya Clinics helps their clients with themselves through the most secure form of HIPPA video conferencing to keep confidentiality. Whether you’re an average consumer or a high-profile individual, you don’t have to worry about having your information stolen. You don’t even have to reveal your identities if you are not ready to. Nabil understands that it is hard for couples to reach out for help because this admits that their relationship needs work, and we all want to believe that we’re doing okay.

With the push from novel coronavirus, society is migrating online and that has seen a surge in online therapy or telecounseling. More and more people are becoming open to the idea of talking to a professional through a screen. The best part of this is that with technology at our behest, we are able to seek help without leaving the comfort of our own homes. Furthermore, it also frees us up from commuting to and from the therapist’s office. Busy individuals no longer have to put off pressing matters in order to attend counselling. It is convenient and couples can easily find time to attend therapy together.