PDF to PDF/A: A Quick and Easy Conversion By GogoPDF

  • 9 months   ago

PDFs rigid layout of structure makes it a popular document file format. Compared to Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, Powerpoint presentations, and JPEG and PNG files, PDF files do not change its structure and content no matter how many times it is transferred from one location to another. This is what makes it an ideal file format for many. 

PDF/A is a more secured PDF file format capable of longer safe archiving that allows the users to preserve its content from any changes during transfers or once opened by any software or system. It is an ISO-Standardized version of the already secured PDF file format. It's usefulness steadily garnered popularity, as many expected.

GogoPDF: An Introduction

Many websites offer the same conversion as GogoPDF. Similarly, they both allow users to convert PDF to PDFA files. However, there are always differences, and these differences are what set GogoPDF apart from other similar online websites. The website differs in terms of the website environment, essential features, and easy step guide.

These are all evident once you visited GogoPDF's website and compare it to others. GogoPDF does not require any payment from its users or charge any hidden fees to take advantage of their needs. Unlike many websites, GogoPDF maintains a free, fast, and honest service to assure a safe conversion process for all its users and customers. 

Because of its privacy policy, it works as the security of all people who will choose to convert using it. The online world has become the dwellings of various people specializing in illegal acts. Doing something online indeed comes with a risk of being exposed to the world or losing your data, which will then be used for purposes involving identity theft.

GogoPDF genuinely understands these dilemmas of many people and initiates to create a welcoming environment for a secured and safe conversion of all files that will be uploaded in it. The website would always delete all files uploaded to all its servers worldwide after one hour of inactivity of the uploaded to prevent illegal acts. 


GogoPDF confidently screams its free of charge service without any under the table costs. This affordability is made possible by the website's other vital features, which makes it above other websites. 


You can convert your PDF files into PDF/A without any worries and hassle using any device as long as you have a stable enough internet connection to access the web. GogoPDF is compatible with all major operating systems like Mac, Windows, and Linux. GogoPDF also supports platforms such as Google, Firefox, and other popular internet portals. 

No Need for any Installations

The entire conversion processing will take place purely online and on the cloud. This allows the system to have a quicker conversion process and free the user from installing applications or software for converting PDF files. These apps will only consume your device's memory storage and possibly slow its operating system. 

Four-Step Guide for Faster Conversion

GogoPDF provides easy steps that can be understood by every user. These steps can be found below the system's conversion toolbox. The first step is to find the PDF file you wish to convert into PDF/A and click OK to upload it to the website or drag the desired file and drop it onto the conversion toolbox. The system will then analyze it before uploading it all together.

The second up to the third step will only involve waiting. After uploading, the system will immediately continue the conversion process and transform the PDF file into a PDF/A file, which will only take a few minutes at most, depending on how large your PDF file's file size is. 

After it comes to the fourth step, the downloading and sharing phase, the system would lay options that the users can choose. If he wants to send it immediately, he can choose to send it with a personalized message or copy and paste it to your email. They can also share it on social media before downloading on their device or uploading it on their Drive Dropbox. 

They can share it on Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and other social media platforms allowed by GogoPDF. Share it by copying the website's link and paste it into their desired location.



Nothing could go wrong by choosing the best conversion website there is. GogoPDF is guaranteed to be the best conversion website with its level of vital features, caring and flawless website interior, and its utmost commitment to the service it provides to the people.