The CISM Certified Information Security Manager is listed as one of the most valuable certifications

  • 3 years   ago
CISM Certified Information Security Manager, CISM, Information Security Manager

Based on a survey of the US IT industry conducted by Global Knowledge and Windows IT Pro Magazine in the fall of 2014, the newly released 15 Top-Payer Certifications for 2015, The ISACA Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC) and International Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) qualifications rank first and second, respectively, in the IT security category among the top 15 most valuable professional qualifications, according to the report.

ISACA created the Certified Information Security Manager Certification (CISM), which is dedicated to management rather than IT professionals, and focuses on information security strategies, evaluation systems and policies rather than the actual implementation of policies using a particular vendor's platform.

The Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) is not an entry-level professional certification for managing information security risks in business applications and solving related problems. It is tailored for information security managers and professionals responsible for information security management, to enhance the overall level of information system security management of the enterprise, to ensure that senior management: personnel with CISM professional qualification certification have the knowledge and ability to provide effective information security management and consultation, can be business oriented and emphasize information risk management concepts when applied to business management, design and technical security issues. CISM is not intended for information systems auditors, but is helpful for information systems auditors who have experience and responsibility in information systems management.

CISM differs from other information security certifications in that its experience is required to focus on the performance of information security managers. Other information security certifications focus on specific technology, operating platform or product information, or on the initial years of information security work. Only CISM concerning information security managers, the focus is no longer a separate technology or skills, but transferred to the entire enterprise information security management. CISM is targeted at individual managers who manage and oversee the information security of an enterprise, many of whom may already hold relevant certifications in other areas, Because of the focus on the needs of management and work experience, CISM requires at least 5 years of experience in information security management, and the content of the exam is also focused on the daily work handled by information security managers.

With the rapid development of information security in China, the update of information technology and the general level, enterprises in the face of information security events need more professional information security managers to develop their own management mode. Information security managers are not IT managers. In 2013, CISM Chinese teaching materials and handouts were released by Huizhe Technology Co., Ltd., which was the first to offer CISM certification training in China. It has provided CISM certification training for many information security managers in finance, energy, manufacturing, operators and other industries.

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