Top 10 Firefox Security Extensions

  • 3 years   ago
Top 10 Firefox Security Extensions

Gearing up your Firefox for privacy is essential before you use it for your daily browsing. Cookies and trackers are set by almost every website you access. Data theft is a crime that is on the rise. It works stealthily and you must guard yourself against it. As we make transactions online and give our credit card and bank account information, the need for browser security add-ons cannot be ignored. There are several security add-ons designed for particular purposes which you can use to customize your Firefox browsing experience and protect your data.

Facebook Container

Data snooping and accessing your browsing details is one of the main goals of Facebook. If you have liked something on your Facebook, it is inevitable it will show up in another website that you try to access. Facebook tracks you across platforms and gives your data to the companies which have bought ads. To stop this vicious snooping, you can use the extension called Facebook Container. This extension functions by isolating Facebook and containing it. It does not allow Facebook to access or track your other web activities through cookies. Your browsing experience will not be cluttered with ads when you use this.



Cookie Auto Delete

When you enter a website, the website asks you to agree to store cookies. Cookies are small trackers that keep sending data about your browser activities to the mother site. It helps the websites promote themselves better, but hinders your browsing as ads show up. With Cookie Auto Delete, as soon as a tab is closed, the cookies which it put will be automatically deleted. You can, however, choose cookies you want to keep.

Firefox Multi-Account Containers

This extension is helpful when many people share one computer and access similar sites using different accounts. Cookies that are useful to one, will not be able to reflect the preferences of the other user. The best way to separate the different browsing experiences is to get the Firefox Multi-Account Containers which makes the segregation easier. One activity will not reflect on another account and you can access multiple accounts without the trouble of clearing logs or signing in and out.

ibVPN VPN Proxy

Invisible Browsing VPN, popularly known as ibVPN is a very useful extension to ensure safe browsing. Since at airports or in public places accessing Wi-Fi can be a security threat, ibVPN makes sure that your browsing activity stays hidden and encrypted. It helps you use sites that might be banned in some countries. It hides your IP address so you stay safe while on the Internet. The most remarkable feature of this extension is the protection from IP leaks which could put your personal data in unsafe hands.

Bloody Vikings!

To access services on many websites, you have to put your email address to sign up with them. As we don’t read terms and conditions, the websites can do anything they please. By using the extension Bloody Vikings! You can avoid having to put your actual email. Right-clicking on the field where email must be given, this extension will put a temporary email address and create a temporary mailbox for access.

DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials

A popular extension DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials helps keep your private data and sensitive information safe. Installing this extension will automatically ensure that the cookies that track you are deleted after you finish browsing. It will block all the trackers and has encryption functions. It has a private search option which is a safe portal free from fear of data theft.

Privacy Badger

This little extension is a handy tool that learns from your online activity. As cookies and trackers show up during browsing, we blacklist many of them. Privacy Badger will learn which trackers you are blocking and block them automatically. The need to create a blacklist in eliminated. It also removes the secondary sites that you enter through social media as well.


HTTPS is link between a browser and the server of the website you are accessing. It fetches the information from the main server using a safe channel. The communication between the two is encrypted and no third party can snoop into the data to track your activities. The encryption prevents data leaks providing you security. Smart HTTPS helps to convert all HTTP to a secure one when it can.

uBlock Origin

Ads are a constant threat not just to smooth browsing but data safety. Hackers use rogue ads to make you click them and become vulnerable to data theft. Plenty of private data might be stolen, like bank account information. The extension is customizable and has two modes, Element Picker and Zapper Mode addressing the need of individual websites. It provides high security to your Firefox browser and blocks ads that can potentially steal your data.

Canvas Defender

Fingerprinting is a process of snooping on internet users and keeping track of their activities. This is potentially dangerous. Canvas Defender is popular as it helps to hide the real fingerprint of its user from the sites. As you install this, it will create noise that will hide the fingerprint of the browser. If the fingerprint is fake, websites fail to track you. Your data is protected by this privacy extension.