Valve Index Extension Cables

  • 2 years   ago


Valve Index headset is the overall best VR headset on the market at the moment. Superior audio and visual characteristics of this headset puts him one step forward from the competition, and the price tag of $999 USD is definitely putting it in the first place in that category. Surely that price is not an issue if you are a big-time gamer or professional that needs to use VR for work, but what could be a problem is a lack of accessories since its relatively fresh product on the market.

This headset offers hours of entertainment with its top-notch performances and the fact that it is super comfortable on your head, but there are significant limitations to this headset just like every other, and that is a range of movement since its cable connected device. Until VR headsets become wireless, extension cables will do the work, and additionally, solid cable management can help you not to get tangled with those cables or even worse to trip over them while you are experiencing the virtual reality of your choice.





There are a few things to know when selecting a proper extension cable for your headset, and the most important thing is that with the larger cable you can potentially lose signal power, and that is something that you would like to avoid. If you are looking for a cable larger than 10 feet you need to buy an active cable that uses copper wiring that is connected to an electronic circuit, and in that way, you will be able to use your headset further from your computer without any problems.

Options for extension cables are just like for the other Valve Index accessories; limited, but there are some solid extension cables that you can get right away.

Bifale DP Fiber Cable

● Full 8K at 60Hz for Long Distance Transmission

● High Resolution & TPE Jacket

● Flexible

This 33 feet extension cable is probably the largest extension cable on the market at the moment, and regarding its length, it offers great transmission. The pricing is a little high with a $129.99 USD tag on it but it offers superior performances for the best maneuverability on the market.

Bifale DP cable is 8k at 60Hz for long-distance transmission, 4k at 165Hz for long-distance, and it has 4 core optical and 7 core copper fibers. When it comes to audio, you’ll get 7.1 Dolby sound but it can also support 5.1 and basic 2-channel.

This cable is made from military aramid fiber and regardless of being just 4.8 mm thick it can withstand a huge number of 90 degrees bends, and temperatures from 14°F to 176°F. In case you have any quality issues with it you have a lifetime warranty so you can replace it or get your money back.

Tripp Lite Display Port Extension cable

● High-Bandwidth

● Secure Connection

● Lifetime Warranty

Tripp Lite offers a significantly cheaper solution than Bifale but their extension cable is not lacking in the quality. You get to choose sizes from 3 feet to 15 feet, and the price for the largest one is going around $28 USD. It supports UHD video resolutions up to 3840 x 2160 (4K x 2K) at 60 Hz and has an error-free signal that is provided by the premium foil and braid shielding. Connectors are nickel-plated with corrosion-resistant gold-plated contacts that create maximum conductivity and minimum data loss.

Tripp Lite DP extension cable is extra flexible with integral strain relief ridges on each end, it reduces stress and helps the cable and connectors move freely without cracking. If you had any double thoughts on buying this cable it might ease your decision if you know that this cable also comes with the lifetime warranty, not bad for an extension cable under $30.


Purchasing extension cable is pretty much essential for any VR headset owner since you don’t get enough free movement with regular ones and you are protecting your ports at the same time. If you landed the best VR headset like Index you should probably just go with the 33-foot Bifale DP Fiber Cable since it is the best one on the market. Usually, longer cables can have issues with the signal and image/sound quality but Bifale extension cable is matching none of those and it comes with the lifetime warranty.