Why Do Electricians Need EH Certified Boots?

  • 3 years   ago

Electricians put their lives at risk every day during work as they have to come in contact with electricity. There are chances of getting caught up by electricity due to several reasons such as by touching faulty appliances, open circuits, improper wiring, overload circuits, and many more. In this situation, an electrician needs to follow all the safety measures, and wearing EH-certified boots is one of them. 

The chances of getting caught up by the electricity are reduced to a minimum only by wearing boots designed for electricians only. It doesn't mean they do not need to follow other measures. But wearing safety boots is necessary when it comes to being an electrician. Many electricians consider such boots as their necessary tools required at work to keep them alive each day at work. 

What are EH Certified Boots?

EH or electrical hazard certified or rate boots are designed for electricians only and meet EH Rated and ASTM safety standards followed in the USA. Industries who hire electricians ensure to provide these boots to their workers or make it necessary to wear them at work. These are the safety requirements being set by ASTM and OSHA. Generally, the boots that meet the ASTM and are electrical hazard certified are known as EH-certified boots. Some people refer to them as electrician boots or work boots for electricians

How do EH Certified Boots work?

Basically, the main purpose of these boots is to ground the electricity while keeping the user safe. Every time you come in contact with an open circuit or any other possible reason to get electrocuted, the boots ground the electric shocks. Also, the boots ensure to keep you off the floor to avoid any electricity circulation. They are designed to keep you protected against 600 volts of current in dry conditions. Some shoes are also manufactured to resist electricity even in wet conditions. 

Can Safety Toe Boots also be EH Certified Boots?

People wonder if it is safe to wear safety toe boots because of the steel equipped. Wearing safety toe boots is absolutely safe and can also be EH certified until the steel used in the toe does not come in contact with feet or ground. OSHA has also stated in one of their recommendation letters that wearing steel-toe shoes is safe as long as they are not directly exposed to feet or ground. The material used in the boots prevents direct contact of the safety toe with the feet or ground. 

What is the Electrical Hazard Rating?

As an electrician, when you go out to purchase work boots, make sure there's an EH or Electrical Hazard symbol on the box. The sign ensures the shoes you are buying are EH certified and will protect you against electricity at work. Electrical Hazard Rating means the boots are tested by the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) for protection against electricity. Such boots are able to protect you from up to 600 volts in dry conditions. 

What are Common Electrical Hazards at Work?

As an electrician, you already know the reasons for getting electrocuted at work. Still, we have listed some of them that can be prevented only by using electrician boots. Make sure to avoid these situations even when you are wearing these boots for safety purposes.

  1. Open Circuits

  2. Overloaded Circuits

  3. Faulty Wiring

  4. Inappropriate Grounding

  5. Touching wires with barefoot

  6. Touch wires with wet hands

  7. Unusual electrical sparks

  8. Touching High Voltage Circuits

Can We Use EH-Certified Boots for Causal Purposes?

EH-certified boots are not different than ordinary work shoes and casual boots. If the design of these shoes meets casual requirements, you are good to use them for informal purposes. Still, the shoes will offer you safety every time you come in contact with electricity. Most electrically certified boots feature an attractive design that looks nice under jeans and other casual outfits. Not all workers wear formal outfits; most of them prefer wearing the informal dress. In that case, you need to wear boots that can fit your casual outfit. So, we can conclude that you can use EH-certified boots for everyday needs. 

To Conclude

If only wearing work boots designed for electricians can make you feel safe at work, they are worth buying and wearing. Besides other tools, these are also considered one of the important tools required at work for electricians. Only EH-certified boots that meet ASTM standards can be considered electrician boots.

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