Five Radical Business Moves That Can Get You More Customers in 2021

  • 3 years   ago

The world, as we know it, is changing. The world has become more digital and connected in the last 20 years than ever before. But then, that's just one part of the change.

Even sociologically, changes are happening in how people behave. Norms are being broken and reformed as people look for new ways to live life. Commissioning studies to understand consumer behavior is an age-old business practice that may soon become outdated. 

Before most studies can be completed and published, a new trend has been born, and people’s views and behavior have changed. Businesses in this category are left stuck with thousands of dollars in sunk cost and outdated information to work with.

For businesses, this changing landscape presents both an opportunity and a challenge. Change is challenging because stability is the preferred way to operate for most businesses. Wouldn’t you just love to be able to predict exactly how many customers you’ll have year-in-year-out? 

In today's business world, fortune favors the brave. Businesses can no longer wait for detailed studies and surveys to predict customer behavior. The beautiful thing about change is that it allows you to stay one step ahead of the competition. It allows almost every company to become a trendsetter and customers' favorite.

As the world recovers from the coronavirus pandemic, there’s so much growth opportunity for smart businesses that are willing to make radical changes to their model in favor of their customers. For 2021, here are some things we think every business should at least consider: 

Make customers the center of your strategy.

Although this is already popular advice, there are still so many businesses that aren't centering customers. The simple reason is that it's difficult. Centering your customer in your business isn't just about being customer-friendly; it's making everything about them.

Customers like to feel loved and respected by their favorite brands, but much more than that, they like to feel like the brand is theirs. There are several steps to creating a customer-centric business, and it takes a long time to achieve. However, the first step is receiving and implementing feedback. While most businesses excel at the first, the second is where the real impact is.

Engage your customers on what they want to see your business do. Implement those things and ask them for feedback on the changes. The thing about customers is that they will always recommend you to others if they are pleased with your service.

Go mobile.

Depending on your business model, you may need to go on wheels to reach more people. Food trucks have proved that a storefront business can be put on wheels to success. Can yours do the same?

If your business involves servicing customers' needs daily, there's a high chance you'll do well when you're mobile. Mobile businesses are important for businesses that want to reduce proximity to their customers. It's also advantageous because it allows you to advertise to thousands of people a day for free.

Even if going mobile isn't a popular trend in your industry, you shouldn't take it off the table. The only thing you should account for is if it makes sense for your customer. It doesn't matter how quirky your business is, either; there are always people who can fabricate unique solutions for you. Companies like Craftsmen Ind have years of experience in creating custom-made trucks for different business needs.

Go digital.

Is this still radical? Well, it can be. Since most businesses are already online, it can seem like you're in good company (or at least not behind the times). In coming times, it won't be enough. You have to provide more value than the competition to gain new customers.

Creating digital products for your customers is a great way to keep them engaged and earn more money. For instance, a food truck restaurant could have a healthy-eating e-book, or even an app for customers to track their calories. Small digital products that add value to customers are a must going forward.

Try crazy marketing.

One way to get people talking is to do the unusual. Too many companies follow patterns prescribed by advertising agencies working with years of outdated data. Even though the strategies may sometimes work, they’re often belabored and repetitive.

When you do crazy marketing, it's stimulating to customers. It jerks their attention from all the ad-blindness or ad-deafness they might have developed over time.

Breaking out of the mold requires a lot of experimenting, but in the end, it’s always worth it. Something as simple as creating memes can get customers flocking to your page.

Follow the tech.

If there’s one sector driving most of the change in the world, it’s tech. People often go crazy about the latest tech trends, and seeing their favorite brands adopt them can help spread the word.

A simple move like accepting Bitcoin and crypto payments will resonate with a lot of younger customers. You can also implement technology like AR/VR to help people have a more immersive experience of your products before purchasing.

The only downside to following tech trends is that they tend to be expensive in the early days. If you afford them, the upside is unlimited. Many customers will try you out just because of the tech. 


Going forward, businesses have to be more aggressive in their marketing. Tried and tested methods can only bring marginal results. Customers are waiting to discover and patronize your business. To attract them, you’ll have to stand out from the other businesses in the same industry. 


Doing radical stuff involves taking risks, but isn't that what business is all about in the first place?

The list of radical things to try to spur business growth is inexhaustible. There’s no way to cover them in one article. However, with the five points mentioned in this article, business owners should be spurred into thinking differently about running their companies.