Top 12 Expert Conversion Tips

  • 7 months   ago
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You’ve set up your online store, and now you’re looking for tips to gain conversions. In this article, I’ll provide twelve expert conversion tips.

One crucial way to get conversion is to have strong hosting platforms as the basis of your website because, without a solid foundation, it will be challenging to increase conversions. Additionally, make sure your website is protected and has at least an SSL certificate, as well as a quality copy.

Let’s get started.

Run A/B Tests

There are two main ways to check which strategy will bring you a higher conversion rate – A/B test and multivariate tests.

The way to conduct A/B tests is much simpler than multivariate testing because you run your plan A directly against your plan B. Then, you send the same amount of traffic to each and see which performs better. However, be specific with what you are testing for. This could be improved conversions, reducing bounce rates, and any other important metric.

After the test is completed, take the winning variation and use it as the default. 

Never Stop Testing

One of the best ways to approach conversion rate optimization (CRO) is to commit for the long term. This can be done by continually testing your site because this allows you to continuously improve your website as there is always room for improvement. 

Try basing your tests on the data gathered from customer’s feedback and the best practices found by marketing experts. This way, you can see from another perspective.

Rely on Data Instead of Opinions

When conducting tests, you should rely on the data you’ve gathered beforehand, not your opinions or what you think is the right thing to do. The tests should have a basis from the customers’ comments and feedback regarding what they like or dislike.

Not just tests, but any changes you want to make need also be based on factual data. Changing something using your gut feeling is the same as guessing, and you might waste money and time should your guess prove wrong.

Show Your Results

77% of customers are more likely to purchase from you if they see feedback from other customers. Thus you’d want to show results of how successful or useful your products are. To do that, including case studies and testimonials are a great way to convince customers.

The more specific your case studies and testimonials are, the more beneficial and persuasive they’ll become, thus increasing customers’ likelihood of choosing your business over the competition.

Visitors Change Every Day

Traffic tends to be different from day-to-day. That is why you should always conduct tests for at least seven days to get a clear idea of whether your conversion rate is consistent throughout the week or not.

Fluctuations in traffic happen because of various factors. It could be because of whether it’s payday or not or based on people’s moods depending on the seasons. 

Whatever the reason, frequently doing tests can help monitor your conversion rate, and should there be a steep decline, you can immediately try to improve it. 

Run Different Test For Mobile and Desktop Versions

The way people interact with your mobile site is different from your desktop site. That’s why it is essential to optimize your site to be mobile-friendly. Because they are different, thus you should treat the CRO differently, too.

Run separate tests for desktop and mobile traffic to find out the conversion rates for each. There could be some factors on your mobile site that do well and don’t do well on your desktop. Thus you can pay more attention to optimizing your desktop site. 

Clarity is Very Important

Writing clear and practical content for your headlines, home pages, landing pages, and the website is crucial. This needs to be emphasized because copywriters tend to get too creative to be persuasive, resulting in the content not making any sense.

Writing very persuasive content can bring more benefits, but it can also cause cancellations and other disadvantages. Thus going for straightforward and clear content could make it more effective. 

Use Creative Calls To Action

When it comes to writing call-to-action buttons, it tends to become generic. Writers would often use words like Click Here, Free Trial, or Buy Now, which might work, but it isn’t always the best way to go. 

Try choosing words in your call-to-action buttons that match your products. If you’re a service provider, you can include the CTA saying, “See Pricing Now.” 

Deliver the Best User Experience

You always want to deliver the best experience possible no matter the time. AI chatbots are a great way to help achieve that because your business can go from a one-to-one approach to a one-to-many approach, giving multiple customer support simultaneously.

Their main benefit is that they don’t need rest. Thus they can answer customer questions 24/7. With the addition of semantic technology, language processing, and voice conversion technology, AI chatbots can always deliver the best user experience.

Emphasize Value and Credibility

To garner customer trust is crucial. Thus, you need to emphasize value and credibility. Try showing value propositions that are hard for customers to find elsewhere. For example, stress the cost savings on your shopping cart page or emphasize free shipping on the product page.

Showing credibility is an excellent way of winning the customer’s trust and get them to take action. By demonstrating competence, ethical behaviour, and honesty, customers are more likely to purchase from. Try including trust signals and showcase your certifications. 

Personalize the Experience

Having a personalized experience is one of the most effective ways to get the conversion. Customers want to get a tailored experience, especially when their desires and needs are fulfilled. 

The experience should be provided the moment they enter your site up until the after-sales services. Ensuring convenience is one of the crucial factors contributing to creating it. Thus try making it easy for customers to get what they want.

Collaborate With Others

If your business is just starting, it’s essential to spread the word as fast and effective as possible to gain traffic and conversion. One of the ways to do this is by collaborating with influential people. They can be social media influencers or news outlets related to your niche.

By collaborating with them, you can expect to get their followers’ attention, and they might come to your site and take action.



Now you know the twelve tips. All that’s left for you to do is apply these tips on your website.

Good luck!