Wize Caps Review - The Professional Platform for Forex Traders

  • 1 year ago

Wize Caps is one of the dependable, professional, and sought out names in terms of exchange platforms in the financial market. Before reviewing the platform and what it offers, it is important to understand the assets trading market that it represents and the quest for reliable brokerage firms among traders and investors.

A lot of people have read or heard about the financial market, forex, stock, and cryptocurrency to name a few, but are yet to have a grasp of what the market entails and how it is possible for one to make a fortune (or lose a fortune in some cases) from such industry. There are several money-making opportunities and business ventures in the global economic scene. Investment prospects abound in the telecom industry, agriculture industry, oil and gas industry, production and manufacturing sector, and financial market (currency exchange) among others. Each of these sectors and industry has its ups and downs, and is laden with opportunities for wealth creation.

Majority of investors in the world, and of course, nations across the world have discovered the profitability and earning potentials that abound in the financial market. Thus, most nations of the world, traders, investors, and institutions engage in currency exchange and other trading assets in the market. Likewise, individuals and organizations invest and trade in the financial market.

Everyone wants to make money and achieve financial freedom. One of the reliable and popular methods is to trade in the financial market. To do this effectively and successfully, traders and investors must understand the risk level and the volatility of the financial market. Also, the basic and technical aspect of the market, as well as the dynamism of trades must be comprehended. Without a proper awareness of the risk and the mystery of market tactics, traders and investors could lose their funds and investment within the twinkle of an eye, due to their uncalculated approach to the market and trades.

Therefore, smart traders and investors cautiously and consciously approach the market. They do this by equipping themselves with market information and live updates. 

While some people prefer to delve into all available trading instruments in the market and make profit from each of them, other investors and traders derive satisfaction in making considerable profit from a single trading asset such as forex. Traders and investors use the trading assets/instruments (such as forex, stock, indices, bonds, commodities, metals, and cryptos) to make huge profit from the financial market through trading. Each class of asset is laden with massive potentials for profit, such that trader and investors of any experience level can make significant success with any or all of them.

Some traders and investors have taken trading in the financial market as a career rather than a hobby. Hence, they have invested time, energy, funds, and other resources to ensure their financial independence. For some investors and traders, it may take some time – weeks, months, or years – before their financial dreams come to reality. However, some traders and investors are able to achieve their business and financial goals within a short period. The issue is that no man is an island. Everyone needs someone to guide and assist at some point in the market. Hence, the need to have a platform upon which trade executions can take place.

Gone are the days when investors have to rack their brain and waste quality time on market analysis. The financial market research and update has been made easy with the service of brokerage platforms. These exchange platforms analyse and provide market information for their clients to have a pleasant trading experience.

A broker serves as an intermediary between the financial market and investors or traders, that is, between the buyer and seller of trading assets.Brokers make trade activities seem easy and effortless for theirclients. Traders and investors can trade from any remote location through the service of brokers who provide borderless brokerage services to their numerous clients. The broker ensures that the investor does not miss out on any investment opportunity.

Every trader and investor needs a broker. Getting a broker in the financial market is quite an easy task, as there are several investment brokers available – legitimate and scam brokers. The challenge however is to identify the reliable and legitimate ones in order not to fall into the hand of scam brokerage firms. No one wants to lose their investments to cheats.

The same caution and consciousness utilized in selecting trades should be used in carefully choosing and investment broker. It is important to choose a brokerage firm with proven track record, and one whose vision and goals align with your financial and investment goals. Most people have no idea on what factors to look for when choosing an investment broker. It is important to ascertain the legitimacy of a broker, the trading products they offer, the trading platform and accounts, the safety of the platform and other important features and services. 

One of the few legitimate and dependable investment brokers in the financial market is Wize Caps. Read on to find out more about the company and its services in the forex market.

An Overview of Wize Caps Platform


Wize Caps



Brokerage firm

Wize Caps

Parent company

Bright Solutions Ltd



Customer service

24 hour a day and 5 days a week – telephone, email, physical address, and Contact Us form.

Customer protection policy

Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Know Your Customers (KYC), Proof of Identity (POI), and Proof of Residence (POR)

Trading platforms

Meta Trader4, Mobile Trader, and Web Trader

Trading accounts

Beginner Account, Advanced Account, and Experts Account

Trading products


Trading tools

Economic calendar, and technical analysis indicators

Education and training

Online academy

Deposit and withdrawal methods

Visa card, MasterCard, bank wire transfer, UpayCard, and Moneynet

Accepted fiat currency

US Dollar (USD), British Pounds (GBP), and Euro (EUR)

Welcome bonus


Minimum deposit



English language, Italian language, Chinese language, Polish language, French language, German language, Arabic language and more

Wize Caps is an online brokerage platform that enables traders and investors to execute their trading activities in a conducive and secure environment, and enjoy a pleasant trading experience in the financial market. The broker was established by a team of seasoned financial professionals who are committed to providing unique financial service to the broker’s clients.

The Wize Caps Private Financial Group is an award-winning brokerage firm whose services cut across the globe with a particular focus on forex. The broker focuses on delivering value added services to traders and investors on its platform. The clients of this broker enjoy unparalleled access and advantage in the financial market trading.

The broker provides exceptional tools that re aimed at helping client in their trading activities. Clients of the broker enjoy access to signals, live updates, technical analysis indicators, and more. Besides, the broker equally provides a sophisticated and user-friendly trading platform. The award winning trading platforms are designed for traders and investors of all levels to access their trades and have a successful trading experience.

Moreover, clients of the broker are consistently provided with information and market updates. The training and educational resources of Wize Caps are evergreen, which can turn a beginner trader to a professional within a little time. Research and educational tools ensure that the clients are equipped with the knowledge to optimize their value regardless of their trading experience.

Wize Caps is a client-oriented brokerage firm. The broker has a team of professionals who provide support for the clients all round the clock. Hence, the broker’sclients are rest assured of getting personalized attention and solutions to their queries at any time.

Wize Caps is a regulated broker that ensures compliance with the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and the Know Your Customers (KYC) international security policies. With these measures, verification of the identity and other important information of clients are mandatory. The broker works rigorously to verify and protect its client’s identity for regulatory purpose. Hence, clients of the broker must provide proof of identity (POI) and proof of residence (POR) documentations before they can start trading on its platform. This measure also ensures the protection of clients’ funds and information against third-party interference.

Furthermore, funds of the clients are held in segregated accounts with top level banks in Europe. The funds are used only for trading purpose as instructed by the clients. Also, data and information sharing between the server and the clients is protected with SSL encryption.

Deposit and withdrawal of funds on Wize Caps is straightforward and simple. The broker provides multiple payment channels by which its clients can fund their trading account and withdraw their earnings with ease. Wize Caps supports three fiat currencies on its platform through bank wire transfer – US Dollar (USD), British pounds (GBP), and euro (EUR). The broker’s clients can equally use visa card, MasterCard, and other alternative payment methods to fund and withdraw from their trading account. Wize Caps utilizes the 3D-secure for all visa exchanges to protect the payment transactions on its platform.

Regardless of the trading experience or capital capability of a trader or investor, Wize Caps has something unique for all classes of traders. With an understanding of the different needs of traders and investors, the broker offers three different and unique trading accounts, which its clients can choose. Each trading account comes with its features and benefits.

Wize Caps offers a lot of services to its clients making trading effortless and attractive.

Unique Features and Services of Wize Caps

Trading Assets

Wize Caps as a brokerage firm is licensed to provide foreign exchange (Forex) and contract for differences (CFDs). The broker offers an extensive list of forex and currency pairs including the major and minor pairs, such as EUR/USD, USD/JPY, AUD/USD, EUR/JPY, GBP/CHF, CAD/JPY, and GBP/USD.

Security and Safety Attributes

Any broker that cannot guarantee the safety of the investment, data and funds of its clients is not reliable. Wize Caps has put in place several safety and security measures.

Anti-Money Laundering (AML): Money laundering involves a series of financial transactions to conceal the ownership, source, control and destination of illegally gained money. As a regulated broker, Wize Caps is committed to combat and prevent money laundering. The broker implements strict Anti-Money Laundering policies through its technological advanced and reliable system. The compliance system is known as the Know Your Customers (KYC) international security measure. As a result, potential clients of the broker are mandated to go through a verification procedure to ascertain their identity. Thus, the broker’s clients are required to provide Proof of Identity (POI) and Proof of Residence (POR) documentations for approval.

Moreover the broker does not compromise the safety of funds of its clients. This is one of the worries of online traders. The finds of clients are held in segregated accounts with top level banks across Europe. Wize Caps among other security measures have put in place a 256-piece SSL encryption over the whole site, and also implanted Genuine Site Character affirmation seal. All these measures are to ensure the safety of its platform and let clients have rest of mind on their funds and trades.


A lot of legitimate and scam broker abound in the financial market. Hence, it is vital for traders and investors to ascertain the legitimacy of a broker before committingtheir funds on its platform. From all indications however, Wize Caps is a legitimate brokerage platform. The broker has a physical and accessible office located at MilutinaMilankovicaBlv, Belgrade. Also, the broker as an award winning platform has some policies and conditions in place. The success of the broker speaks for itself in the financial market.

Superb Trading Platform

Wize Caps has attractive, sophisticated and interactive trading platforms. These are:

The Web Trader: The web trader offers a wide range of functionality that makes it popular with both beginner and experienced traders. The web trader requires no download or update. It is accessible on any internet-enabled web browser such as Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, and more.

The Mobile Trader: The mobile trader is a quick, convenient and secure multi asset trading platform. The mobile mt4 mobile trader is available for download on iPhone/iPad and makes trading accessible from anywhere and anytime.

Meta trader 4 (MT4): The popular and downloadable meta trader4 provide traders with easy access to trade forex, CFDs, commodities, and indices on any compatible device such as PC, Mobile Phone, or Tablets.

Multiple Trading Account Options

Wize Caps offers three unique trading accounts for all classes of traders and investors on its platform. Regardless of the trading experience or financial capacity of a trader or investor, Wize Caps’s trading accounts caters for all classes, needs and goals of its clients. Each trading account comes with 24/7 customer service, trading tools, access to the trading platforms, and educational resources. The trading accounts are:

The Beginner Account: this is the first trading account on the Wize Caps platform. As the name implies, the trading account is designed and suitable for beginner trades and investors. The minimum deposit on this trading account is €250. Other features of the beginner trading account are:

• Access to Wize Caps’s top assets

• Online live webinars

• Free daily market research reports

The Advanced Account: The advanced account is the most popular trading account on Wize Caps platform. The trading account is suitable for intermediate traders and investors who have gained more experience in the financial market. The minimum deposit in this trading account is €5000. Clients on the advanced trading account level enjoy the following:

• Access to Wize Caps’s top assets

• Online live webinars

• Free daily market research reports

• Dedicated account manager

• One on one live sessions (3 sessions)

• Online academy

• 3 months access to an expert advisor

The Experts Account: The experts trading account boasts of all the features of other trading accounts offered by the broker. The experts trading account is the highest account on the Wize Caps platform. This trading account is suitable for professional and expert traders and investors. The minimum investment on this trading accounts €20000. Other features and benefits of the experts trading account are:

• Access to Wize Caps’s top assets

• Online live webinars

• Free daily market research reports

• Dedicated account manager

• One on one live sessions (3 sessions)

• Online academy

• Unlimited access to an expert advisor

• Full access to the live trading room

Deposit and Withdrawals

Wize Caps offers multiple payment solutions to enable quick, safe, and easy deposit and withdrawal of funds and earnings. The payment methods are visa card, MasterCard, bank wire transfer, UpayCard, and Moneynet.

Responsive Customer Service

As a client-driven brokerage platform, Wize Caps has a team of qualified and courteous professionals who offer all-round support to the broker’s clients. The customer service team is composed of highly trained and experienced personnel who are equally vast in human relationship. Clients of the broker can contact the customer service 24 hours a day and seven days a week via telephone, email, and Contact Us form.





Wize Caps has entirely what every trader and investor needs in the financial market to enjoy substantial profit and a pleasant trading experience. When you subscribe to the service of this broker, it is bound to result in a positive and profitable outcome.