The 1990s trends that keep coming back

  • 3 years   ago
The 1990s trends that keep coming back

From puffer jackets to DM boots, 1990s trends are back in fashion. Watch the video from London Fashion Week to find out how and why certain styles return again and again.

Styles of the 1990s have been reappearing in current fashion collections. BBC Designed visited London Fashion Week and spoke to designers Jamie Wei Huang and Joel Boyd about their influences, and how they pay homage to the era while also re-interpreting it for today.

“Trends tend to be cyclical… It taps into the drama of fashion,” says trend forecaster Geraldine Wharry. “Decades have a distinct style related to what was going on in the world at the time, but also gender constructs and class perceptions as well.”

Increasingly, says Wharry, young people “harness the power of the internet and globalisation to pull from all sorts of different styles and create their own look.”



Watch the video: CLICK HERE