Learn how to fix your own car this fast and easy way!

  • 12 months   ago

Your car is probably one of the most expensive purchases you made. It needs regular maintenance and repair services at times. How to keep it running in tip-top shape at minimum costs? The answer can be found in just a few clicks! Instantly download your manual below

Whether the tire has a slow leak, the left headlight blew, or the brakes uncontrollably squeal, you may need a mechanic or an auto repair center to solve your problems. 


There are some who believe taking their car to the dealership for repairs will save them money, but in fact, they offer an inflated price list. And, you don’t want to be charged with higher prices for a simple job. 


If you take your car maintenance into your own hands, chances are, you can save more and learn more.


As a starter, do-it-yourself car repair allows you to compare prices on the tools and car parts needed to complete the task. Auto shops may use products they have bought at wholesale prices, but then increase the cost to customers.


To support your car maintenance goals, a complete guide makes the jobs much easier. You should get hold of a car reference that is specific to your vehicle make and model.


What types of manuals are best for your car?


Workshop manuals are a series of practical repair manuals and service manuals, which are the same essential industry standard software as used by:


• dealerships around the world

• covering repairs

• service schedules

• car maintenance

• wiring diagrams

• diagnostics


Whether it is a service manual or repair manual having them in an electronic format (DVD or an Instant Download) is a huge advantage over having a book since there is no getting oil or dirty hands on them.


You can simply print your desired section of your workshop manual, repair manual, or service manual from your PC!


Workshop manuals provide repair and service procedures for many vehicles including:


• maintenance of automotive

• cars

• motorbikes

• trucks

• marines

• ATV vehicles

• and more


Repair manuals provide all the information required to repair and maintain your vehicle to a high standard, such as:


• changing the air filter

• checking tyre pressures

• engine overhaul

• changing the timing belt and head gasket

• and more


Service manuals cover all aspects of your vehicle, from servicing schedules to maintenance like:


• changing the oil at 10,000 miles with oil grade 5W40

• checking tyre pressures at 5000 mile intervals

• inflating to 35psi


The above workshop manuals are perfect for any car owner who likes DIY, who wants to get down and get dirty with their vehicle, but in enough depth to be used by professional mechanics too. 




So, download your manual now, because self-car maintenance with the help of a no-stress user guide is a real money-saver!