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  • 11 months   ago

Way back in the early 90s, the Internet became commercialized and e-commerce came as the new entrant, overriding the traditional mediums of commerce. Since then there are some major giants in the e-commerce sector like; Amazon, Alibaba Inc, and Rakuten Inc. 

The e-commerce market has now been around for nearly 18 years. The convenience of E-Commerce gave birth to multiple verticals or sectors within it and has experienced a dramatic transformation in consumer shift from traditional physical stores shopping to Online Shopping.

In this day-to-day changing and augmenting industry with some well-established entities, Atomee is the innovation that offers more convenience with fewer barriers to vendors as well as the customers.

Our Vision is to provide easily assessable products to its customers with more ease to vendors. With a sustainable mission of erasing the barriers between the businesses and the end-users. 

Every prospering business start-up comes up with an innovative idea that gives it a comparative advantage over others. In online shopping, the first and foremost concern for the businesses is the maximum customer traffic with cost-effective ways through efficient promoting mediums. The common mediums for promoting Online businesses are social media and the bulk easy-go messaging services. Here Atomee comes with quite easy access to the products. Atomee has its search engine which provides an easy approach to consumer products. 

The best part of Atomee is its Search Engine, which has more than 1 million consumer products. Atomee has various vendors and online stores as its suppliers, which makes it effortless for the end consumer to scroll down different online stores for different products. Ultimately, it is the one-click sphere of products, under one umbrella.

To be more specific, searching through the Google search engine is quite vague, whereas, Atomee search engine is more exact, depicting the pictures of each keyword searched. Further, the free merchant-specific account makes the small and medium-sized manufacturing sectors to establish business routes via Atomee. This may also eliminate barriers for new entrants.

Atomee also offers a set of autonomous class way out for mercantile account users, from the” web back-end SaaS service to the front-end single listing content design, such as pictures, copywriting, and videos”, so that the published content would be more popular and ranked higher, boosting the businesses of the corporates.

Another hindrance to E-Commerce is the communication gap between the vendors and the end consumers. Atomee has minimized this gap also. By just mentioning the URL of the vendor/manufacturer the consumer can be direct to the vendor host. This moderates the consumer dissatisfaction over the after sales services of the businesses.

Furthermore, the Atomee provides social media links and a separate feedback bar to help users give feedback and ratings to the products which may improve the vendor-customer integration and better customer satisfaction.

Atomee make use of a content-based suggestion scheme to provide customers a better shopping experience. The content recommended to users by Atomee mainly includes two aspects:

• More popular products content

• Items filtered in keeping with the customers browsing and searching habits.

The use of Data Analytics makes it easier for businesses to help ascertain consumer preferences. Atomee, through the integration of fast-paced technological advancements, improvised the recommendation system by focusing more on consumer tastes, consumer sensitivity to changing environments. This big data makes the manufacturers/vendors understand well with predictions of market trends, ultimately boosting the businesses.

Atomee, with overcoming geographical limitations, feasible access of products through search engine visibility, lower carriage costs with improved time efficiency, and a wide range of products under just a single click away is the easiest portal for the consumers. 

And also, atomee has its blog forum for all the customers who like shopping and beauty. You can read and write free on this site to communicate with global people about the product review and the beauty tips. You can get the best recommendation from atomee and learn more knowledgeable about beauty and skincare from it. Such like the natural salicylic acid face washes reviews for acne 2020.

Atomee: where customer needs are satisfied through sustainable business processes and everyone can discover anything fantastic with reasonable price!

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