Types of Tiles Available For a Wall Décor

  • 3 years   ago

Floors and walls are one of the most prominent area in every room. You cannot expect a great home décor when the walls are neglected. Sometimes creating a statement wall to hand your favorite artifacts is necessary. So, have you ever wondered how many types of wall tiles do we have to make our home or office walls amazing? Well, if you are new to this then keep on reading as we are exploring the best types of wall tiles which will suit your room’s wall. 

We will only discuss the main material type which will further help you to understand which tile type is suitable for you. for example, if you want the colorful artistic look then choose the mosaic tiles, and even then, if you want an easy fix then the peel and stick arabesque tiles will be the best for you. 

Porcelain Tiles 

If you are thinking about the room décor then the porcelain tiles are the bets, unlike the ceramic tiles these are less shiny. So, you can easily decorate them without them giving an extravagant look. It will be a toned-down effect, but the shades can really play a trick as you can choose the right complimentary shades. 

The best part about porcelain tiles is their ability to resist all kinds of weathers, you can have them even for the outdoors. 

Glass Tiles 

Those having kids, and still wishing to get the fantastic wall decor should consider the glass tiles. unlike the stone tiles the glass tiles will not get any kind of stains, you can easily clean the glass tiles, it is a perfect choice for kitchen walls washrooms, and even bedrooms, when you need an accented look. 

Granite Tiles 

These tiles are for the complimentary look, you cannot have a granite tile on the entire wall, all you need to do is think of a great color combination for the granite tiles. it will look perfect in patches around the fireplace. You need to do some work first. 

The granite tiles are perfect for places where there is a lot of o water drainage. For example, the laundry or your kids room where you cannot control them 24/7. 

Limestone Tiles 

If you are willing to have that rustic feeling in your bedroom, then go for the natural stone tiles and limestone is one of them. the bets part about having the limestone tiles is they are minimal, they will not look very loud, which give you an opportunity to place the loud decoration pieces like a large painting. It will be a perfect wall tile choice for the living room.

Another amazing thing about limestone tiles is the ability to be cut in different shapes. You can square tiles, or the long rectangles whatever you wish for. One last thing which you should consider before having the limestone tiles, these tiles need to be covered with glazed solutions otherwise the porous nature will destroy the tiles. 

Mosaic Tiles 

These are the tiles for the art lovers, if you wish to have a very strange and unique type of wall décor then go for the mosaic tiles. It can give the unreal look to your room. Those decorating an art gallery, or a restaurant, can choose the mosaic tiles. 

You cannot have the mosaic tiles for the floors as they have different deep grout lines which make it difficult to walk over it. 

Quarry Tiles 

Quarry tiles are made up of clay. If you do not want to go for something expensive. Then the quarry tiles are the perfect for the walls. as no one will be spilling extra water on the walls particularly in the living area so these can stay longer than you have expected. However, if you are choosing for the kitchen tiles then skip it, as quarry tiles are not staining resistant, even for the rooms you should have the glazed quarry tiles.  


Decorating walls is not an easy task, you are supposed to check several things before making a final decision. The budget, the types of tiles, colors, shape and the area where you will have those tiles, otherwise, it is impossible to have the bets wall décor.

Source: pixbay.com