The Best Places for Jetskying in Qatar

  • 8 months   ago
Qatar is now witnessing an immense decline in the cases of Covid-19 as more vaccinations are given and more recoveries reported.
Thanks to the recent restrictions and strict precautionary measures imposed in the region, a rapid fall in the deadly disease has made a great relief for the citizens and residents equally.
As the gradual lifting of the strict restrictions have commenced, it is a great comfort to know that more freedom is given for the public to do outdoor activities.
However, it is essential to follow the precautionary measures such as wearing face masks and adhering to social distances always in the public to ensure your safety and the safety of others.
Having said that, it is time for us to explore some of the best places where you can go jetskying with your friends or family for a great time of entertainment.
1. Abe’s Doha Water Sports
This Jetskying spot was founded in the year 2006 and serves as one of the leading water sports rental provider in the country. 
Abe’s Doha Water Sports has great features such as large fleet of equipment, which includes both motorized and non-motorized equipment to suit all individuals.
In addition to Jet Ski, they also provide Water ski, Wake Board, SUP, Pedal Boats, Yacht rental and more. 
They have many other locations around Doha in many of the water front hotels.
Come down for a great time of Jetskying and other offered services from Sun to Sat at 6 am until 7 pm.
2. Sora Marine Training
This is a watersports company that providing the visitors with amazing equipment and highest standards of teaching. 
The also offer a wide range of waterspouts activities, above and below the water including the jetskying
Make this a great opportunity to know more about the Nautical world that is available at the Sora Marine Training. 
Anything you want to know about the Nautical world is available here at Sora Marine Training. 
The place is open on all days from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm. So why wait when this could give you a great time of fun and relaxation?
3. Qatar Water Sport
Since its establishment in 2017, Qatar Water Sport has served an unforgettable experience to all the jetskying enthusiasts in the region.
Along with Jet Ski equipment, they also provide with Kite surfing lessons, wake boarding, wake surfing, and water skis. 
They also arrange and provide with some fishing trips on the beautiful Arabian sea, with all facilities at the Intercontinental Hotel in Doha.
If you're more into a peaceful cruise on a lake with the family then we've got you covered at Aspire Park with pedal boats, walking balls and kayaking. 
Come down and visit any of Qatar Water Sports’ exclusive locations as it is open to the public from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm.
4. Blue Marine
Blue Marine is one of the leading marine companies in Qatar that enables you with many activities like jetskying.
The also offer a full line up of water sports activities with highly certified professionals that enables you to meet all your needs.
Come down to this amazing spot and see for yourself the features offered for you and your loved ones.