Top 10+ best webtoon websites you should visit to read webtoon for free in 2021

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There is a fact that webtoons on domestic manga apps are not only translated but also localized for Japanese readers and the original illustrations can be altered to erase anything distinctly South Korean.

Localizing webtoons is also popular in other languages but Lee Hyunseok, a former editor of Young Gangan magazine thinks that neutralizing any hint of “South Koreanness” is considered as an extremely important marketing strategy when exporting to Japan. Yukari Fujimoto, a professor of manga studies at Meiji University in Tokyo, also agreed with Lee Hyunseok, and she thinks Japan is the biggest manga market worldwide, so any people in Japan are so used to reading homegrown manga and they tend to recoil at reading foreign-born comics. She also thinks that webtoons should be localized to minimize any possible resistance in Japan market. 

Japanese publishers keep being busy catering to the domestic audience and does not pay much attention to demand from abroad. Meanwhile, overseas markets, like South Korea and China, have developed their own contents in the form of webtoons. 

In addition to the webtoon, Korean light novels and novels also compete fiercely with Japanese novel and chinaese novel works.A manga app in China named Kuaikan Manhua has been digitalized and become so popular. It has marginalized printed comics and turn internet into its main battlefield. The same thing is also happening in South Korea, home of webtoons. South Koreans no longer read Japanese manga as many South Korean webtoons can fit their tastes. This trend is causing Japanese manga publishers more pressure to pursue webtoons. Fujitomo thought Japanese manga publishers are now at the crossroads and Japanese manga cannot survive unless they explore webtoon manhwa. 

But it is a fact that the culture of webtoons remained underdeveloped in Japan. ReLIFE- a huge successful vertical comic by artist So Yayoi is an exception. It was adapted to anime and a live-action film. People still think that domestic publishers still need to protect their traditional manage industry but can go digital slowly. According to Shueisha who runs Shonen Jump Magazine, the magazine recognizes the importance of vertical scrolling in webtoons, and vertical scrolling is “how manga expression has been diversifying”.

Though many horizontal titles originally appeared in printed versions gets traction when they are promoted on its app. But interesting content is considered the most important thing for a successful webtoon, not the format. 

You can not expect that mavel or dc comics even have many superheroes in the hands, but they give the design and production of games to Koreans.  For example, Ben 10 games, Avengers games, Spiderman games are designed and developed by Nexon. 

Everything has its pros and cons. So does webtoons. Webtoons are blamed for creating incursions. Children in South Korea and China are so familiar with vertical scrolling, that they do not know how to navigate the intricate maze of panels that constitute Japanese manga. But Jay Kim, operator of Piccoma- a popular manga app advised people not to change their traditions. Being launched in 2016, Piccoma has quickly ranked number in sales among manga applications. It is interesting that 98 percent of the contents on the app has Japanese horizontal-style titles while webtoons only account for 2 percent.

On the other hand, webtoon is likely to hinge on the longevity of the smartphone boom. The rise of devices with more horizontal screens could turn the tide in favor of Japanese manga.

Also, as webtoons are often browsed casually by people looking to kill their free time; they are considered unfit for plots based on complex themes or worldviews. 


We will give you the Top 10+ Best webtoon websites 2021. 

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3 - Manytoon Comics

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6 - Lezhin comics

7 - Tapas Comics

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