Amazing Coffee Tips that You Can Try Out Today

  • 7 months   ago
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Waking up to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee is heavenly. Isn’t it? We all have a specific coffee drink that we like to drink in the morning every day. However, it can start tasting similar in taste, becoming boring when you never change the recipe or twist your morning caffitaly pods coffee. So, here are a few tips that you can use to give your daily coffee a bit of a makeover.

The ingredients will be more or less the same, but the difference in technique or tips to enhance the flavor will unquestionably make the coffee 100% times better.

1. Add a bit of butter to your coffee

Sounds weird? Well, weird things always taste better! Adding ½ teaspoon of butter to your coffee enhances its flavor and makes it creamy, giving it the perfect taste and texture. Butter is one of the main ingredients of bulletproof coffee, which is a keto recipe. However, you can add butter to your daily espresso to give it a creamy texture.

2. Try a different brewing method

Do you know that you can brew espresso using French Press or stovetop as well? Yes, you can. There are multiple ways of brewing coffee or espresso and making a latte or iced coffee. It doesn’t always require an espresso machine. Here is a guide to different brewing methods that you can try.

What good will it do you? Since every brewing method is poles apart, the difference in taste is quite visible. Maybe you will start liking another brewing method better than the one you are using. Experimenting with different techniques makes coffee drinking fun and interesting.

3. Try different pods flavor

Why drink the plain espresso or latte every day? Tweak it up with hazelnut espresso or a vanilla latte. And you do not need syrup for that. Try hazelnut Nespresso pod to drink a delicious hazelnut espresso at home without the added sugar that you get from the syrup.

4. Do warm your mug

Often, we find that our coffee loses taste if we let it sit for a while. It is something that will keep happening as you cannot drink it hot. If you do, you will not taste anything for a few days because of the burned tongue.

So, instead, warm your coffee mug with the water that comes out of the Nespresso machine when you let the water come out of the machine to start it up. When you add hot coffee to a warm mug, the taste enhances, and it stays hot for a long time.

5. Try different sweeteners

We all know how coffee tastes with sugar. And we also know the disadvantages that sugar has on our health and body. So, try using different sweeteners that will not take anything away from your coffee, while making it healthier as well.

Honey tops the list of alternative sweeteners as it is a natural product and has tons of benefits if used within limits.

Stevia is a plant-based sweetener that has zero calories. Try using this as well.

Maple syrup is another sugar replacement that can add the right amount of sweetness to your coffee.


6. Measure your coffee using a scale

How much coffee is right for one cup of coffee? It does depend on your taste, but if you do not use the right amount, it can taste bitter or like mud. One way to correct it is to use a measuring scale. As every coffee brand is different, the texture and taste vary too. The quantity of coffee from the two brands can taste differently.

To ensure that your coffee tastes delicious, use a measuring scale every time. It will give you a consistent taste and a perfect blend. Too much work? Switch to Nespresso compatible pods. Every pod consists of the same amount of coffee, thus providing a consistent taste.

7. Add a dash of melted chocolate to your coffee

Adding a bit of chocolate to your coffee enhances its flavor so much. That is why mocha is quite popular. However, try adding a dash or 1 tsp of melted dark chocolate to your morning java and experience a quintessential coffee.

Aren’t these tips mind-blowing and simple to use? Try them today and enjoy barista-style coffee at home and save tons of money in the process.