The Best places for Tasting Authentic Umm Ali Desserts in Qatar

  • 2 years   ago
Umm Ali as it sounds delicious is a palatable dessert served in the middle eastern region with authentic ingredients.
This Egyptian dessert pastry is amazingly tasty, delectable, and is served with daily used ingredients.
It is commonly made with regular old puff pastry, milk and cream, coconut chips, sugar, almonds, and raisins.
It is not merely famous in Egypt, but also a well-known and served dessert in other Arab region especially Qatar after a meal course as it enriches our nutrition.
Let us explore some of the best places in Qatar where we can taste the authentic Umm Ali desserts.
1. Atrium Lounge, Sheraton Hotel
The royal-looking lobby at the Sheraton is a fine space for serving some of the best and authentic Arabic cuisines and desserts including traditional Umm Ali sweets.
The most and highly recommended sweet in the hotel lobby is the Umm Ali dessert as it is rated one of the best in the city. 
They are open to public every day from 8 am to 2 am and for further information and details place a call on 4485 3000. 
2. Al Aker Sweets
Al Aker sweets is one of the finest and popular sweets shop in and around the country serving varieties of desserts.
In addition to the most famous Umm Ali sweets, they also provide many other dessert options such as Kunafa, and Mix sweets mostly from the middle east. 
Al Aker sweets also delivers their desserts to the public across many areas including Doha, Al Jadeeda, Old Al Hitmi, and Old Al Ghanim.
3. Al Mourjan
Located at the Corniche street, Al Mourjan is one of the best sweet pastry shops visited the most by the people residing in Qatar.
This is outlet is also one of the highly recommended place to try the authentic Egyptian Umm Ali dessert.
To know more about their offers and services, call them on 4483 4423 and avail the resources.
4. Karaki
Known for serving some of the best and sweet Karak tea, it is one of the outlets regularly visited due to its delicious creamy umm ali.
Along with Umm Ali, Karaki also offers delectable kinds of sweets and tea for relishing moments.
Find out more about this mesmerizing place by coming down to the Pearl Qatar as it gives the exact location to enjoy this tastiest Arabian sweet.
Which of the four outlets will you explore for some authentic Umm Al desserts? Let us know in the comments!