Top 5 Seafood Items To Enjoy Your Summer Time

  • 2 years   ago
Top 5 Seafood Items To Enjoy Your Summer Time

The presence of essential macro and micronutrients such as protein, calcium, potassium, and most importantly, unsaturated fatty acids make seafood of excellent health benefits. Although one of the staples in the Mediterranean diet, these have collectively established their say in the food industry across the world. 

Seafood is a rich source of good cholesterol that makes it extremely beneficial for heart and brain health. The low fat-protein combination can also prove to be a major contribution to weight loss. There can't ever be any better time to get in proper shape while giving your tastebuds an ecstatic experience than summers. 


Shrimps are quite literally one of the easiest seafood items ever because of their simple ways of being cooked. One can randomly add fried shrimps to salads, noodles and it'd only enhance the taste. Shrimps are a prominent source of proteins and micronutrients such as calcium, sodium and phosphorus. As these contain significant quantities of polyunsaturated fatty acids, shrimps are known to be of excellent value to the circulatory system. 


Apart from boosting the taste of other main course food, shrimp can be prepared by itself in several delicacies. Garlic shrimp happens to be one of the most loved recipes, some of them being, lemon garlic shrimp and butter garlic shrimp. 


With the wide range of preparations that this seafood can blend it, salmon has become one of the most favorite. Salmon possesses a rich protein content and it is also a major source of omega 3 fatty acids. Moreover, because of the presence of very low or no carbohydrates at all, salmon is also well known among keto diet enthusiasts. 

Salmon is generally sold as fillets or poached and appears in preparations like grilled salmon, smoked salmon in salads and marinades. 


Even if you're not too fond of seafood or haven't tried any yet, this is your safest bet to step in the genre. The texture of this meat, the mild flavors and traces of sweetness have made it to the top charts of seafood. This food item is known to shield you against cardiovascular malfunctioning and also prevents colon cancer with its commendable quantities of vitamin B12.

The marination preceding the actual cooking of scallops, however, needs some effort, making it a little tricky to cook at home. However, you can order a take out from local restaurant such as Vietnamese, Chinese, and Italian. Our favorite place in Toowoomba is Original Saigon Restaurant, you can head to their website here: and enjoy other authentic Vietnamese dishes and your baked scallops this summer. 

Lobster tails 

Being a foodie, one would have definitely heard about baked lobster tails, or about the ones cooked in garlic butter and smeared with honey to perfection. Lobsters are a highlight of the summer season, as it is only this time that they inhibit in the shallow waters unlike the colder seasons of the year. 

These are a significant source of protein, selenium and healthy fats, making lobster tails very useful for depression, anemia and thyroid disorders. Therefore, it wouldn't be any wrong to say that lobster tails could be a healthy addition to your plate to get you a step closer to the summer body. 

Mussels and clams

These shelled seafood items make undeniably some of the most exotic dishes of all times. Mussels cooked in white wine sauce, topped with a blob of garlic butter can give you major beach vibes. Both these items require barely any oil to prepare and thus can retain their health benefits fully.  

Mussels and clams are both low in calories and their juicy texture allows them to fully absorb the flavors that they're cooked in, making them a healthy alternative to mainstream meats.