Top 6 Foods You Must Try While Staying In Qatar

  • 2 years   ago
Top 6 Foods You Must Try While Staying In Qatar

As a food blogger, I always try to taste some of the most enchanting dishes of any country I visit. It becomes very easy to understand the culture and lifestyle of the people by tasting the food they eat. Following my ideology, I recently had a chance to visit Qatar. 

During my visit to this country, I found out that Qatar is pretty safe for the tourists who get a chance to freely explore every part. It was very easy for me to book a nice hotel by discount coupon from, which helped me in saving a significant amount of money. In a way, I was very happy, as now I could spend more money on tasting various kinds of delicious food around the city. 

Now let’s start our tour where I would introduce you with some of the best and delicious food present in this country. 



Thareed is one of the traditional and mostly eaten Qatari dishes. It is basically a stew made with different vegetables and meat. I saw different food joints serving Thareed either making it with chicken or lamb. The vegetables remained more or less the same as carrots, beans, and potatoes. Bread pre-soaked with the stew is served in Qatar along with the dish. The bread is generally very tender and tasty.

Imageresult for Thareed is one of the traditional and mostly eaten Qatari dishes


Falafel is one of the most popular dishes that I tried in Qatar. Falafel is basically a fried ball made with ground chickpeas. Fava beans are also used while making these balls. Apart from the fried balls, this Qatari dish is also served as a patty. Luckily, I had an Amazon Coupon Code, which was applicable in the hotel. Thus, I was able to taste this outstanding dish at a nominal price. You can get the best Falafel near Doha. Most of the restaurants serve this dish around the capital city of Qatar.



This is another popular dish that I came across during my stay in Qatar. Shawarma is originally an Israeli dish that has slowly gained its foothold as one of the famous dishes in Qatar. You could find this delicious food on the local streets of every city. 

Apparatusfor cooking shawarma, meat layers strung on a skewer, chopped meat is on grill surface, tongs and knife,

This dish consists of slowly roasted lamb meat and other spices. The meat would be roasted on a turning spit which would bring out the tenderness and juiciness of the meat. Various chefs have their own blend of spices that would give unique meaty and smoky flavors to the meat. Then the meat would be wrapped in laffa along with sauces and some vegetables. The vegetables are mostly pickled that adds the extra flavor to the dish. 

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