FIFA 21: How to Complete Kenny Dalglish Prime Icon Moments SBC

  • 2 years   ago
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Kenny Dalglish has gotten the Prime Icon Moments cards in FIFA 21, who has be added to Icon Squad Building Challenges. A Scottish legend who has spent his best time at Celtics and Liverpool. The story behind his Moments card is his decisive volley to win the first division championship for Liverpool in 1986. Below you can know his some information about states, analysis and solutions. 

Kenny Dalglish joined Liverpool in 1977, he took off, scoring in the FA Charity Shield and his league debut. Then, he scored with the Bruges club in the 1978 European Cup final and won his first league title in England the following year. The best site to buy FIFA coins, please check here. In the club's first three seasons, he did not miss a Liverpool League game. Dalglish also played for Scotland in the 1978 FIFA World Cup™, winning with a historic victory over the Netherlands.

Kenny Dalgleish is one of the best strikers in FIFA 21, especially this 93-level Prime Moments version. Therefore, it shouldn't be surprising to see EA asking eight squads to exchange for this coveted card.

Kenny Dalglish Prime Icon Game Stats

In terms of mobility, players born in Scotland scored more than 90 points in all statistics that make up dribbling statistics. Kenny Dalglish best chemical style is the eagle, mainly showing his rhythm, shooting and physical fitness. For 1,300,000 coins, a letter from Kenny Dalglish is yours. If you want a forward with many goals in FIFA 21, you can consider this option.

Kenny Dalglish Prime Icon Moments card received a score of 93, four-star skill moves and five-star weak feet, high and mid-range work rate, the average body size is 5'8". Dalglish has a high score of 93 rate. For example, the striker has a score of 95, his shooting score is 92, and his dribbling ability is 92. 

This is an incredible card that has established strong connections with other legendary Prime Icon Moments players, such as Perret at rate 99, Diego Maradona at rate 98, Ronaldo at rate 97, and rate 97 Zinedine Zidane and rate 95 Ferenc Puuskás.

You can apply the engine chemistry style to further improve his passing (+6), pace(+5) and dribbling (+5), and while making his balance and dribbling are maximized. Or you can use a hawkish chemical style to improve his pace (+5), Physical (+5) and shooting (+4), thereby maximizing all his shooting skills, except for his free throws and volleyball.

Kenny Dalglish is nothing more than a Celtic and Liverpool legend. In his 21-year career, he twice played 559 times between the two clubs and scored 229 goals. Like other iconic players in FIFIA 21, EA SPORTS want to celebrate his career in Prime Moments ICON card. If you want to add him to your squad, we will help you in this guide. More information about Free FIFA Coins, please click here.

The Analysis for Dalglish Prime Icon Moments

First of all, when Kenny Dalglish SBC was issued, in the transfer market, the coins above his credit card were less than 100,000 coins, which is bad news. However, as the team at the end of the season starts this weekend and continues for the next one or two months, the price of Dalglish will drop a lot due to the number of packs opened and the high-rated non-TOTS players sold here. market. In addition, by grinding other SBCs to make high-rated cards or solitaires or target cards that you will not use, you can certainly lower the price of SBCs.

Regardless of price, Kenny Dalglish is one of FIFA's top idol forwards in the past two years. With his five-star weak feet and top dribbling ability, his feet feel light and can reach the highest level on any foot. His PIM card has improved to 95 shots, making him deadly anywhere in the penalty area. Coupled with the forward's passing and 92 basic speed, he can attack on his own, or be equal to or better than other forwards. 

In addition, depending on how you play, many chemical styles are suitable for Dalglish. If you rely on fast-paced attackers to fight your opponents, then the chemical style of Hawk or Basic is very suitable for you, providing him with the best pace and near-perfect shooting ability, and Hawk will also improve his physical fitness to keep him on the ball Stronger and more aggressive. If your reliance on pace is not as fast as skill and passing, then Engine or Maestro may be a better choice to raise his shooting to an unreal level and level his passing ability, which may be the card's The only weakness. With almost all "meta" shooting characteristics and Flair characteristics, if Dalglish is used correctly, he will be able to surpass most top central defenders.

In general, although the price is a bit high immediately, careful calculations in the team throughout the season will make this top card more affordable and easy to achieve for the FIFA 21 final game.

Kenny Dalglish Prime ICON solutions

And now, you have been waiting for. Here you will find some of the cheapest solutions needed to meet every requirement in Kenny Dalglish's Prime Moments ICON SBC. Prime Moments Dalglish will get you back 1.5 million on PlayStation, 1.35 million on Xbox, and 1.8 million on PC.

Solution #1

Solution #2

Solution #3


This leaves us to Kenny Dalglish, who does have excellent statistics and five-star weaknesses. However, we came across the fact again that the price of cards like the new EoaE Sergio Agüero or TOTY Robert Lewandowski is lower than that of SBC.

A new wave of FIFA 21 Icon SBC will come. For the time, you can achieve Prime Icon Moments cards from Kenny Dalglish and other players. Is any of them worth the trouble? If so, which one should I choose? The last trio of Icon SBC was revealed not much time, but EA Sports started three new products before the best team of the season. 

The deadline for the sale of Kenny Dalglish Prime ICON SBC is June 13, which is still some time away.