How Do You Play Draftkings?

  • 3 years   ago

There is simply nothing better than DraftKings which is the go to site where are all the ins and outs.

Set Up -

If you are new to DraftKings, you can play beginner contests to start with. These contests are  available only for players who entered 50 contests or less, regardless of when they got registered and set up their account. Players who are more experienced are not allowed to play which allows you to get up to speed at your own pace, while you play against others having similar levels of experience. All these contests are labelled and can easily be found.

To put a cap on the number of lineups clear contest entry limits have been set up, one user can enter into a single contest. This has been done to maintain a competitive balance for all who are involved. The entry caps vary according to the contest.

● Single Entry Contest - Only one entry is allowed.

Multi Entry Contests - These allow players to submit a lot of lineups. Still there are  limits. To find multi entry contests, search for the M  next to the number of entries.

In order to find out how many lineups each user can enter, you need to click on the number of entries. That will open up the page. The number right next to the word multi entry is the maximum amount of entries a user is allowed. For example each user is allowed 20 entries maximum. This number fluctuates depending on the size of the contest.

Experienced players are now designated on Drafts King. Now you can see beforehand whether you will be going up against more experienced players and you can decide whether you want to enter that contest or not. The levels of experience and badges that most of them accompany are-

Beginner - not entered more than 50 contests.

Casual - entered more than 50 contests, but yet to earn an experience badge.

500 contests - have competed more than 500 contests.

Thousand contests - have competed in more than thousand contests.

Big Win - had more than 3 entries payout dollar thousand or more or won a total of dollar 2500 or more and have payouts from five or more entries.

500 + BigWin - have competed in more than 500 contests and won $one thousand in three or more contests, or won a total of dollar 2500 in 5 contests .

1000+Big Win - competed in more than 1000 contests and won $1000 in 3 or more contests , or won a total of dollar 2500 in 5 contests .

The details and rules of every contest are clearly defined. Information such as the number of entrants, entry cost, scoring system, price pool and payout structure are all available for every contest in advance. This helps you to do some research before you decide on which contests to enter. To find out all this information simply click on the name of a contest and it will all pop-up for you.

To determine the specific games involved in the contest, you can either click" DRAFT TEAM" at the bottom right corner or filter by slate when you are looking for a contest on the NFL homepage by looking between the create a contest, create a line up, strategy and Research, and refer a friend tabs and the actual contests themselves, for further details visit -

How to Win - A stack is any combo of at least two different players in your lineup where correlation exists. There are different kinds of stack but the main one is pairing a WR with his quarterback. If the WR has a big game, you will be able to get all of the points on top of the double points the QB scores for you.

You don't have to stop with just one pass Catcher, taking two, three or even 4pass catchers with their QB is a way to be more contrarian in which you put yourself in an extreme position to benefit , if that hits, its high range of outcome. The project only allows you to decrease variance in  roster by asking few Offenses to succeed rather than putting together a lineup of 9 players in nine different situations. There are many other under the radar stacks that can be utilised.