11 Easy Ways to Cut Calories Intake

  • 10 months   ago

The secret to successful weight loss is eating fewer calories than you burn during the day. The energy value of the food we eat every day directly affects our weight. It is no secret that the more high-calorie diet, the greater the risk of gaining extra pounds.

The main secret to successful weight loss is to expend more calories than you consume. For this rule to work, the easiest way is to reduce the calorie content of the diet. Here are the most effective ways to help you eat less and not even notice it. 

Reducing Volumes

1 - Eat From Small Dishes

The easiest way to subtly cut calories is to cut back on portions. To do this, you need small dishes: glasses and plates of a slightly smaller volume than usual.

By reducing the number of portions, we fill up faster and do not feel the need to eat too much. By keeping the dishes empty, we don't feel hungry. Besides, there is no temptation to finish eating what you no longer want, as is the case with large plates. 

2 - Don't Eat Everything

The ability to stop in time and know everything in the measure is the key to healthy eating. Remember how often you ate huge portions when you were no longer hungry.

 We advise you not to eat your meals whole and eat slowly so that the brain has time to "fix" the satiety signal. If you get an unexpectedly large and hearty meal at a restaurant, just take a portion of the serving home. 

Quit Bad Habits

3 - Don’t Drink Empty Calories

The calories in alcoholic drinks are empty and they do not have any useful effect on the body. Moreover, the composition has more harmful substances in it which leads to several health problems.

It is harder for the people who have become addicted to this habit, to get rid of it and be healthy again. Moreover, the process can also be expensive. But many organizations provide a resource for alcohol treatment so the person can sober up conveniently.

4- Stop Emotional Eating

It is a vicious cycle, once emotions are at their extreme. A person tries to fill it with the food. By eating high-calorie food, the cravings just don’t go away. After a few hours, your body will start demanding such food again. So don’t eat when you are stressed. 


5- Share Dessert With Friends

If you can't resist sweets, and the prospect of giving up your favorite cake spoils your mood, do not give up dessert. But just share it with a friend. 

This rule, by the way, works great for other "forbidden" dishes. Such as a huge plate of pasta, sushi set, or high-calorie salad is perfectly "divided" for two. Thus, no one will eat too much, and you can share your impressions of the dish with each other.

6 - Big Plate

It has been proven that most of the time we overeat alone. This happens because, out of boredom, our hands themselves reach for an extra snack, regardless of whether we are hungry or not.

Lunches in a large company are the best way not to get bored and satisfy your hunger. A large plate will not let you get carried away with extra portions, and psychologically. It will be embarrassing to eat more than your fellow diners.

Getting Rid Of Hidden Calories

7 - No Sugary Drinks

When counting calories, we often leave aside sugary drinks that cannot satisfy our hunger. We forget about coffee drinks, juices, and soft drinks, but they are all very high in calories.

Reduce calorie intake by eliminating sugary drinks from your diet. Drink lemon water instead of soda. Choose coffee without sugar and milk. Look for natural juices without additives instead of packaged juices. And at a party with friends, opt for a glass of dry wine, giving up beer and sugary cocktails.

8- "Smart" Sandwiches

We love hearty sandwiches - they are very easy to make healthy and nutritious. Unfortunately, no one has canceled the high-calorie content of even healthy dishes. What to do?

Make smart sandwiches by removing unnecessary calories in various ways. For example, try making sandwiches with one slice of bread instead of two, and if you like hot sandwiches, cook them in a pan or grill.

Finally, the most effective and simple way to make your sandwiches light and healthy for digestion are to replace white bread with whole grain.

New Healthy Habits

9 - Drink Water

Very often we overeat because we sit at the table too hungry. In this case, our body simply does not have time to tune in to food intake, and the satiety signal arrives too late.

Drink plenty of water to help you eat small meals. First of all, drink water 10-15 minutes before meals. This way you start your metabolism and fill a hungry stomach, which simply does not want to "gain" too much.

10 - Eat Salads

If you are used to snacking on fast food, forget about fries and burgers. Just replace them with vegetable salads and thereby cut your daily calorie intake in half.

Eat a light salad before the main course: Vegetables are rich in fiber, which is responsible for feeling full. This way, very small portions will suffice for saturation. If you like to cook salads at home, replace croutons with nuts, and high-calorie dressings (for example, mayonnaise-based) with vegetable oil with spices.

11 - Learn To Replace

Simple substitutions are a great way to lower your calorie intake without even realizing it. The simplest example is dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate. Calories and unnecessary sugar will become noticeably less, and the benefits - more.

Instead of fatty meat, include chicken or turkey in the diet. And when buying canned fish, choose those that are in their juice, not oil. Calorie-free espresso instead of cappuccino, vegetable salad instead of Caesar, green apple, and honey instead of chocolate dessert: the list is endless. Always look for a useful alternative!


Final Words

Train yourself to take a separate time for eating and not combine lunch with work, chatting on social networks, or watching a TV series. You will be amazed at how quickly you become full and how small portions you can get by if you focus only on food. Just put your smartphone away while eating so you don't eat more than you should, and enjoy the taste of your favorite dishes.