5 health benefits of the Mediterranean diet

  • 9 months   ago

The Mediterranean Diet is a heart healthy diet based on the recipes and cooking styles of the countries that border the Mediterranean Sea. People living in the Mediterranean region are thought to be some of the healthiest people in the world, based in part on their low presence of certain chronic diseases. If you’ve ever been curious about the benefits of The Mediterranean Diet, keep reading to find out why it’s been named one of the top ways of eating for the last 10 years!

The Mediterranean Diet is an age-old style of eating that focuses on including fresh, healthy ingredients into your meals, moving your body everyday & learning to celebrate good food again.


1. Reduced Risk of Heart Disease – Research continues to show that incorporating more fresh fruits & vegetables and heart healthy fats into meals leads to a decreased risk of heart disease. So it’s no surprise that the Mediterranean Diet is high on the list of ways to decrease your heart disease risk.

2. Decreased Risk for Type 2 Diabetes – One principal of the Mediterranean Diet is to focus on limiting the number of added sugars, while increasing vegetables and other high fiber foods and incorporating daily physical activity. This has led to better blood sugar control in those with diabetes and a reduced risk overall for developing Type 2 Diabetes.

3. Reduced Risk of Certain Cancers – There are so many cancer fighting antioxidants in fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices that it’s easy to see why following a diet that emphasizes fresh fruits, lots of vegetables, and recipes flavoured with fresh herbs & spices from around the world can help reduce the risk for certain cancers.

4. Possible Reduced Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease – According to the Mayo Clinic, research suggests that following a Mediterranean diet may slow cognitive decline in older adults and reduce the risk of progression into Alzheimer’s disease. More research is needed to determine the exact parts of the Mediterranean diet are responsible but it’s great news!

5. Bringing Back to Joy of Eating – not only does the Mediterranean Diet focus on what you eat, but just as important is why you eat. Eating is a social celebration for many living in the Mediterranean region. Food is celebrated and enjoyed with family and friends. One of my favourite parts about the Mediterranean Diet is learning to celebrate food again and experimenting with different flavours and fresh ingredients.