Inpatient Or Outpatient Rehabilitation - How To Make The Difficult Choice

  • 5 years   ago

For most victims of substance abuse, it is extremely difficult to refrain themselves from taking the dose of their addiction. Most people, who try to get rid of drug abuse, tend to relapse. The best solution is to seek professional help. Facilities like Virginia Rehab are considered to be most reliable in this regard.

The Process of rehabilitation

1. Detoxification- The first step in the rehabilitation process is detoxification, where the addiction drug use is either totally ceased or the dose is reduced significantly, which may lead to severe withdrawal symptoms.

2. Medications - In the second step, the victim of drug abuse is kept under medication to help get rid of the addiction.

3. Therapy- The last phase of the rehabilitation program involves therapy. Therapy prepares a person to move ahead in life without the existence of the addiction.

Types of rehabilitation

Rehabilitation programs can broadly be classified into two categories:

i. Inpatient rehabilitation :

Inpatient rehabilitation requires a person to live in the rehab facility for the entire schedule of the program which may vary between 30 - 90 days.  The program has its own set of merits and demerits.

Merits of inpatient rehabilitation

  • No distractions from everyday matters of life.
  • Zero access to the addictive substance.
  • Lower chances of relapse.
  • Special facilities like yoga sessions, personalized meals and acupuncture therapy.
  • Intensive care

The main drawbacks are that it may be expensive and the person is away from his loved ones. Another major disadvantage is that the patient cannot continue his employment or studies while he is at the rehabilitation facility.

ii. Outpatient rehabilitation :

The outpatient rehabilitation programs are more relaxed as compared to the inpatient ones. In these programs, the person undergoing rehabilitation can avail the benefits of the treatment from the comfort of his home. He is not asked to reside at the rehabilitation facility but is required to visit the centre everyday for therapy and medication.



Merits of outpatient rehabilitation

  • Less expensive
  • People are able to live close to their loved ones who can be a source of emotional support.
  • No effect on employment or studies, as the individual can attend to everyday matters.

The main drawbacks of the program are that people are exposed to the addictive substances, which increases the probability of relapse. Regular monitoring of patients is also not possible.

Which rehabilitation program is best?

Both inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation processes have their own set of merits and demerits. The suitability of them may vary for different individuals. For most people, this remains a difficult choice. USA has a large number of rehabilitation centers, particularly in Apex and people can seek advice regarding the suitability of the two programs by consulting Apex rehab.

The choice for the best rehabilitation program depends on a number of factors like intensity of the addiction, exposure to the addictive substance in the environment, moral support required and employment requirements. For chronic addicts, inpatient rehabilitation may be a better option but this cannot be generalized. Ultimately every individual may have his own set of needs.