5 Best Car Subscription Services in the US

  • 3 years   ago

Many car subscription services are available in the states offering excellent monthly, half-yearly, or yearly plans. We have combed through a handful of them and eventually came up with a shortlist of the top 5 best car subscription services in America.

The 5 Best Car Subscription Services 2021

  • Best Overall: Hertz My Car

  • Best Value: LMP Subscriptions

  • Best Sports Car Subscription: Porsche Drive

  • Best For High Mileage Allotment: Subscribe with Enterprise

  • Best For Car Options: Fair


Hertz My Car

Hertz has been providing a rental car subscription service for 100+ years, operating in 150 countries globally with 9,700 franchises. 

Their subscriptions come in 3 tiers on monthly payment systems, 


  1. $599 (Chevrolet Spark, Ford Focus, Mazda 3), 
  2. $999 (Volkswagen Tiguan, Toyota Tacoma, Nissan Altima) 
  3. $1,399 (Jeep Grand Cherokee, Infiniti QX60, Ford F-150, Cadillac CTS).


Additionally, the service includes 2,000mi./month insurance coverage for liability, 24/7 roadside assistance a year, complete maintenance, damage waiver, etc. 

LMP Subscriptions

LMP Subscriptions happens to be our top choice for the best value as their subscription service costs relatively lower than others. They mainly run the program in New York, Florida, West Virginia, Tennessee, and Connecticut. 

The subscription plans are available in four categories (monthly, 6-month, 12-month, and 24-month). Likewise, the monthly subscription charge includes,


  1. Sedan ($368 to $595), 
  2. SUV ($428 to $1,703), 
  3. Truck ($712 to $1,204), 
  4. Convertible ($3,153). 

Their mileage offer varies from 500 to 800 miles per month, depending on the vehicle types. 

Porsche Drive

Who doesn’t dream of driving a luxurious sports car? 

Porsche Drive brings the opportunity like no other. You can drive models worth over $100k for a 30-day or 90-day subscription period. Presently, they are offering services in California, Nevada, Georgia, and Arizona.  

The Single-vehicle programs would provide a model for the subscriber on a monthly or 3-month subscription plan. It’d cost $575 (activation fee) for all new members. 

You can even subscribe via a mobile app. The monthly Single-vehicle plan offers, 


  1. Macan ($1,580), 
  2. 718 Cayman ($1,800), 
  3. 718 Boxster ($1,950), 
  4. Cayenne ($1,950), 
  5. Panamera ($2,450), 
  6. 911 ($2,600). 


Additionally, the Multi-vehicle programs come in two tiers. The Launch Tier (same models as single-vehicle) costs $2,100 & the Accelerate Tier (GTS versions) costs $3,100 per month. Besides, both plans feature an unlimited exchange of vehicles & mileage. For each Multi-vehicle plan, the activation fee is $595.

All the subscription programs include insurance, maintenance, roadside assistance, white-glove concierge services like car home delivery, etc.

Enterprise Vehicle Subscription

While searching for the best car subscription services in America, it is impossible to overlook the largest car rental company in the country. Enterprise has now launched a car subscription program, namely, Subscribe with Enterprise.

Since May 2019, they have been mainly operating in Minnesota, Missouri, and Nevada. Recently, Georgia has been added to the list too.  

The enrollment charges $250 & then onward, and the monthly subscription fee would cost $1499, including a two-month-long commitment. 

It is the only provider that allows swapping vehicles up to 4 times per month. Their monthly subscription plan features a whooping mileage allotment of 3000 miles. 


Fair car subscription is a start-up company owned by Uber. They are currently providing service only in California & Florida. All the subscription policies are available monthly or a lease agreement for 2/3 years.

They collaborate with local dealers & 20 auto brands so that subscribers can pick their favorite models out of thousands. Upon dissatisfaction, you can also return the car in 2 days if it is driven under 100 miles. 

One can apply for services & select your car via a mobile app. A subscriber can even customize things like additional mileage or tear & wear coverage. Generally, Fair cars allot 10,000 miles annually & about 27 miles per day.

Comparison of The Best Car Subscription Services in America


Key Features

Subscription Policy 

Hertz My Car

Nationwide service & allow car swap up to twice a month

Comes in 3 tiers on monthly basis 

LMP Subscriptions


Monthly, 6-month, 12-month, and 24-month

Porsche Drive

Luxurious sports cars with unlimited exchanges 

2 programs on a 30-day or 90-day period

Subscribe with Enterprise

Provides highest mileage & allows swapping vehicles 4 times a month

Enrollment & monthly subscription with a minimum 2-month’s commitment 


Select cars from over 20 auto brands

Monthly subscription or lease agreement of 2/3 years 

If you are not willing to get a car for long-term use or buy one yet, then a car subscription is the perfect alternative for you. As it is a relatively new idea in the market, you might find it tricky to make the right choice that would suit your lifestyle & budget. Therefore, we have tried to extend a helping hand here. 

Different companies come with other offers, mileage allotments, availability, extra fees, etc. Considering all those factors, Hertz My Car stands tall among the rest as the best car subscription service in America, providing an affordable solution.

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