7 Easy Fixes to Maintain Your Beautiful Home

  • 5 years   ago

Photo by Hans, CC0 1.0

It’s a fact of life that some parts of your home will start breaking down and need a little fixing up every once and a while. All good things must come to an end, after all! 

But that doesn’t mean that you have to up and replace everything in your home that starts breaking down. That would be costly and pretty wasteful. 

No, a much better way to go around things is take our advice with the below simple fixes to maintain your beautiful home. These easy fixes will help you with any problem areas you may have in your home to keep it looking as good as new. 

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1. Fix Those Squeaky Door Hinges: No one likes a squeaky door. They can get pretty annoying when you have a lot of guests coming over or kids running through the house. But there’s a really easy way to take away those squeaks and replace them with sweet silence! 

And that’s something magical called WD-40. Just spray a little WD-40 on the door hinges and swing the door back and forth to work it into the metal. You should see an improvement right away! If that doesn’t help, you can spread some petroleum jelly on the hingers to see if that works. 

2. Clean the Dust Off Your Chandeliers: Nothing ruins your room’s aesthetic like a dusty chandelier. Your chandeliers or other light fixtures are one of the places that dust settles most easily in your home and is usually the last place you want to clean on cleaning day. 

An easy trick to keep the fixture clean is by wearing one damp cotton glove and one dry cotton glove. Rub the lights with your damp glove and then the dry one.

3. De-Stain Your Tub Until It’s Sparkling: Simply combine tartar paste, baking soda, and a bit of lemon to create a paste that will take those gross stains off of your bathtub. Just let the mixture sit for about half an hour after you rub it into the stain and wash it off with warm water. It should come clean off and you’ll have a sparkling tub in no time!

4. Remove Old Decals to Replace Them with Better Ones: Another great use for WD-40 is to remove old decals from the surfaces around your house. These plastic decals can start looking a little bad after a while, so there comes a time when you need to say goodbye to them and buy new ones. 

Just spray the decals with WD-40, let it sit for a while, and use an old credit card to slide them off of the surface. 

5. Plump Up Your Old Seat Cushions: This is probably the easiest way to make your house look a lot better and more comfortable. Simply take your flattened down cushions and lay them outside for a few hours, flipping them to the other side when it’s halfway through the time. This will take all of that extra moisture out of the pillows and fluff them up! 

6. Make Your Scuffed-Up Linoleum Look as Good as New: You would never think of it, but white toothpaste is a great way to remove the scuffs from your linoleum flooring. Just take the toothpaste and rub it into the scuff. Remove it with a dry cloth and the scuffs should look much better. 

7. Keep Your Extension Cords from Tangling Up: We all know the struggle of our extension cords getting tangled up because of poor storage. You should be storing your extension cords in a circular fashion in buckets so that they don’t have the chance to get tangled up over time. 

Your home takes quite a bit of maintenance to keep it looking as good as new. However, with the above tips, you should find it quite easier to maintain your beautiful home.