7 Useful Moving Hacks For First-Timers

  • 3 years   ago
7 Useful Moving Hacks For First-Timers

Moving to a new house? These moving hacks will come in handy. Read on.

1. Gather All the Fragile Stuff Together 

Pack all the delicate items in your house in the first place in order to keep them safe from breaking. Keep such fragile items in a box or a container and don't forget to label the container so that the movers know that those boxes need to be handled much carefully. 

2. Pack Everything a Day Before Moving 

Packing all the stuff on the day of shifting and when the moving team has arrived could be quite hectic and stressful. You will get panicked and might even forget important things to label or pack. This is why you should wind up the packing session a day before moving so that you don’t forget anything and could focus on the moving.

3. Gather All the Packing Supplies 

Observe closely and then make an estimate of the packing boxes or containers that you might require. Gather all the packing supplies together so that you don’t have to stop in the middle of the packing to buy more boxes.

4. Use Garbage Bags to Pack Hanging Clothes 

If you have certain clothes which you do not want to fold and press under other clothes then pack them in the long, new and clean garbage bags while keeping them in the hanger, in that way the clothes won't be wrinkled and would also be protected and wrapped.

5. Start Packing Room by Room 

Don’t rush up and start packing whatever you like. Start packing stuff room by room as it would make it easier for you to focus on which things you should take with you and which things you should throw away. Moreover, you won’t forget the important things to pack and could mark the boxes properly. This would also help you in taking the boxes straight into the rooms where they belong. 

6. Don’t Take Unnecessary Stuff Along 

No one usually has enough time to clear up the mess and throw the unnecessary stuff away. Moving into a new house gives a great opportunity to clear your things from all the unwanted clutter that you have kept in your drawers for a long time. If you do not want to throw some things then you can donate it to someone that might be in need of it. Using a junk removal service is also helpful in removing the stuff you no longer need.

7. Pack a “Moving Day Box”

This is an extremely important thing to do because once you move into your new house, you would want some important things to use and if you pack them along with all the other stuff then it would take hours to find that thing out and would also create a mess. So, make sure you pack a “first night or moving day box" including your toilet accessories, some clothes, laptop, and accessories, etc. Also, don't forget to label that box or else it would get mixed with other boxes and you would, unfortunately, have to keep unboxing the cartons until you find that box.