8 Ways to Decorate Your Bedroom for Free

  • 2 years   ago

Did you know that you don’t have to spend through the roof to make your bedroom look better?

Well, if you didn’t know that, today will be the day when you learn about the ways to decorate the room where you sleep and spend a lot of time in for free!

Below you will find 8 great ideas that you can make use of to improve both the style and functionality of your bedroom.

Take a look. 

Put those photos up on the wall

People take photos to materialize the moments they enjoyed. These moments that have been put on a small piece of paper mean more and more as time goes by.

However, instead of placing all those cherished memories into a photo book and then forgetting where you left that book, put them up on the wall of your bedroom. 

However, the trick, in this case, is not to use photo frames. Just use the pictures and arrange them in an interesting pattern.

Masking tape trick

Did you know that you can test your artsy skills with masking tape in your bedroom?

Use masking tape to decorate your bedroom walls. Pick several different colours and let your creativity run wild. You can create all sorts of interesting shapes and designs. 

If you have white walls, try to create as much contrast as possible. Also, if you want to try and create something more abstract, there is this amazing team of interior designers in Doha who have already examined and dissected the whole issue of abstract art in design. 

So, it would definitely be worth it if you did some research on this one.

String lights

Look, celebrating holidays surely is great. You wait for that special time of the year and you take out all the decorations from the attic. However, why don’t you put those nice-looking string lights to good use even when it’s not a time of festivities? 


String lights look awesome as above-bed lighting. And, if you are a more romantic type of person, you will appreciate the glow once it’s night time. 

Regroup your accessories
This can be considered an interesting and fun decorating hack. 
What you need to do is a group or cluster accessories or any decorative items in odd numbers. 
For instance, you can take your photo frames, vases, and candles and reorganize them in groups of three or five. 
You will surely notice how this makes for a very pretty display on your drawers.
Make the mirrors work in your favour
Mirrors can be great decorating tools if used properly. So, instead of hanging the mirror, simply prop it up against the wall, on the floor. If you need help choosing the best mirrors, The Architect’s Guide is there to help.
This can trick the eye into believing that the ceiling is higher than it actually is. And, the mirror will also help brighten your room and add the illusion of more space. 
Pile up those pillows
There is no doubt that pillows make everything feel cosier. That is why you should pile them up for a look that spells relaxation and comfort on your bed. Use an assortment of patterns and complementary colours to create a mismatched yet cushy display.
Use books wisely
Reading books will make you wise, but today you will be using books with something else in mind. 
If you have a side table, you should stack together all your books. Not only will this make a statement for you but you will also have a ton of books to pull out before bedtime in case you want to read. Also, look at these books as a great way to create a nice display for your accessories or plants.
Add flowers
Finally, it’s time for flowers!
You should make your own flower arrangement! Look for silk or cut and dry real flowers in second-hand shops or at garage sales. 
With them, you can make an arrangement that will freshen up your bedroom. 
For instance, you can create an arrangement of dried grasses and wildflowers found along the roadside. Cut the flower and at least 8 inches of stem when they are in peak-bloom. 
Remove leaves too. Tie the flowers together with a piece of twine and hang them upside down in a dark, cool, dry place until completely dry which would take some two to three weeks.