At Home Diesel Generator Guidance - Portable, Small? What you should look for?

  • 2 years   ago
At Home Diesel Generator Guidance - Portable, Small? What you should look for?

Diesel generators have quite the dedicated fan base thanks to their improved energy efficiency and higher performance when compared to the average gas model. Diesel generators aren’t quite as commonplace as gas generators but there is still plenty of options when it comes to choosing one. 

One piece of advice to remember is to always read reviews of any generators and is a great resource to use for this. But I’ve also compiled my own handy guide that will help you work out which type of diesel generator to buy and I’ll also be looking at all the important things you need to look out for when choosing one. 

The Size/ Type  

Diesel generators come in numerous different types/ sizes and it should be the first thing you think about when buying one. If you want a generator for commercial use or to power your whole home or any other type of property then you will need a larger generator. 


The more power you want the more expensive it will be but for many people, a generator will be a back-up power source or something they can take with them as they travel. If this applies to you you’ll want to be looking for smaller generators or portable generators you can more easily transport. 

Portable diesel generators aren’t as common as portable gas generators but there are still models available. These generators won’t have a large capacity or be able to produce as much power as larger models but they are lighter, cheaper and ideal as a back-up power supply.  


When choosing a generator you need to know it can produce the power you need to safely power up your appliances. So, make sure you examine the wattage of any appliances you might want to power with the generator and then make sure the generator you want can actually produce that much power. Smaller/ portable generators won’t have as much power as larger generators so make sure you take that into account. 


Something many people don’t consider when it comes to diesel generators is having a suitable location to install them. The vast majority of diesel generators aren’t safe to use indoors due to the fumes so make sure you have a safe outdoor space to store your generator when in use. 


Another important feature to look out for is the number of sockets on the generator. Most small or portable diesel generators will only include two plug sockets although you may find some models with more. 

Many diesel generators will also include other types of sockets and ports like USBs in addition to traditional plug sockets. If you want to power multiple appliances at the same time though you will need to buy a larger generator.  


The last thing anyone wants to think about is the price but diesel generators are on average a little more expensive than their gas counterparts. Although the extra efficiency will give you better long-term savings. The smaller the generator the cheaper it will be so if you only have a limited budget look at small to portable generators first.