Bed Bugs Don't Care If The House Is Empty

  • 2 years   ago

Bed Bugs Are Found In Any Place

Do you know if you have bed bugs at home? Have you ever seen one? These types of insects are totally different from any others. You can find bed bugs all-around your home. They live in places that you probably never imagined such as the sofa, in your carpets, even on your backpacks or in your clothes. The most common place where they are found is on your bed. This is because they feel attracted by your body temperature, the carbon dioxide you exhale when breathing, and of course because they are hungry and need blood to survive.



Believe It or Not, bedbugs are the kind of insects that are difficult to eliminate. This is because they are not attracted to filth or to food leftovers like any other insect, instead, what they really want is your blood.

Once bed bugs find blood either from humans or from a pet, they will stay and will reproduce fast. One of the best ways of noticing if you have bed bugs is by waking up in the morning with bites on your skin. This means that you have a problem and you need to eliminate them fastly and effectively.

Different Treatments Can Eliminate Bed Bugs

There are many methods that you can use to try eliminating bed bugs. Many people use home remedies that they find on the web. These remedies are not effective at all especially when it comes to bed bugs. These are tough animals that need something else than just a homemade spray.

One of the most common and affordable treatments is using pesticides. Pesticides are effective but only when the bed bug is an adult. This is because it won't kill the eggs. Therefore, if you don't continue fumigating in two or three weeks later, you will start seeing bed bugs again because the eggs have hatched by then.

To avoid all these problems, it is recommended that you rely on a professional bed bug extermination company that uses the best equipment, the latest technology, and the best techniques to kill and eliminate all these unwanted insects from your property.

There are different treatments that we can use to eliminate these insects. One of them, of course, is Fumigation but it will depend on the type of property that you have, the type of fumigation that we can do.

For example, if you live in an apartment, it is recommended that all the building is fumigated, otherwise, there is a risk that even though you cleaned your property, bed bugs can come from your neighbor's apartment. Another method is heat treatment. This is when your property temperature is increased to a hundred eighty degrees Fahrenheit killing both the adult bed bugs and its eggs.Just make sure to take out your pets, plants, and delicate belongings, otherwise they can ruin.

Many people try to kill bed bugs themselves by using home remedies we can find on the web. We see lots of these remedies that are not really effective and in the end, we will continue having bed bugs all around, instead rely on an honest and insured company like Bed Bug Brigade, Inc - Pest Control in OKC that guarantees that these types of insects will be eliminated and our house will become a clean and healthy environment. 

We Know Everything About Bed Bugs

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