Best Table Saw Blade For General Use

  • 2 years   ago

A table saw is a great tool with enormous functionality for the woodworker, contractor or DIYer. However, even the best table saw (you can find really good tables saws for under $500 which are sufficient for most general use) is only as good as the blade that it has installed.

There are different types of table saw blades for different purposes. Generally, the more teeth a blade has the finner the cuts are. However, having a lot of teeth on the saw makes the table saw work harder and slower when making deep or long cuts or cutting harder woods. For many applications (including woodworking, general building work like house framing, demolition), a very fine blade is not needed. Here are some recommendations for great general purpose table saw blades. 

Forrest WW10407125: Best Woodworker II Saw Blade
The Forrest blade is a high end blade but it is also very powerful. For many people, the features that it has makes it worth the high price tag that it comes with.
The one thing that you do need to remember is that this is a blade which is designed for professional use. This means that it is very powerful and it also is of a higher quality than other blades. If you are willing to spend the money on the blade, then you are going to get something that will always perform very well.
The blade is made from high-quality carbide and this means that it can be cut through even the hardest wood. However, you do not have to worry about the wood being left looking messy when it is being ripped through as the blade has a smooth cutting edge.
The saw blade has 40 teeth and this means it can cut through the wood without leaving any dents in the wood. The kerf measures 0.125 inches and the blade is capable of cutting wood horizontally.
You may already have a saw blade like the Irwin or Diablo that you use for making simple cuts. The Forrest blade can be used when you have a bigger project and are looking for something more powerful.
- The Forrest blade has been designed specifically to use for rip and cross cutting
- The 40 teeth on the blade make it possible to cut plywood that is two inches thick.
- Every blade is handmade which ensures you get the highest quality.
- The kerf of the saw blade is 0.125
- The arbor of the blade is 5/8 inch and this gives a smooth and clean cut.
- Brand: Forrest
- Model: WW10407125
- Weight: 2.18lbs
- Material: Carbide
- Color: Steel
- Size: 10 inche
- Dimensions: 11x11x1 inches
- The blade can make a smooth cut.
- A range of different cuts are possible when using this blade.
- There is no coating on the blade but this does help to prevent rusting.
Diablo 40 Tooth Blade: Best General Purpose Saw Blade
If you are looking for a general purpose blade then the Diablo 40 Tooth Blade is a great choice. It is made in Italy and the quality of the blade is excellent. It is also available for a very good price.
The blade comes with a non-stick coating known as Perma-Shield. This helps to protect the blade and it also means that it doesn't make a lot of noise when it is used.
The 0.98 carbide tips are laser thin and this gives an excellent cutting experience. The blade will not become dull even with frequent use. The metal that the blade is made from also acts as a shock-absorber which makes the blade very comfortable to use.
- The Perma-Shield protects the blade and prevents it from overheating.
- The blade has been designed to offer the best possible performance.
- The 0.98 kerf of the blade means you get a smooth cutting operation
- The carbide blade has shock asorbing properties so the blade can be used comfortably for a long time.
- The standard size of the blade means it can be used with most saws you will have in your workshop.
- Brand: Freud
- Model: D1040X
- Weight: 3.4lbs
- Material: Titanium Carbide
- Color: Red
- Size: 10 inches
- Dimensions: 12x12x1 inches
- The blade is made from titanium carbide which makes it strong.
- In order to prevent rusting the blade has a red coating which makes it look distinctive.
- The ultra thin blade provides a smooth cut.
Table Saw Blade Buying Guide
Before you purchase a new saw blade you need to do some research. This will help to ensure that your blade is going to do what you need it to. It will also help you to avoid spending more money than you need to. The following points are all things that you should bear in mind before you make a purchase.
Blades do come in different sizes and so you need to make sure that the blade will fit the saw that you plan to use.
Double check that you have the right size blade before you buy so that you don't find yourself in a situation where you can't carry out the project you wanted to.
You also want to make sure that you are choosing the right material for the work that you want to do.
Blades are usually made from one of two materials, carbide or a steel alloy. If you are doing a lot of heavy duty work, then the carbide blade will be the better choice because it is a lot stronger.
Teeth Count
The teeth can be found on the edge of the blade and it is these that actually cut the wood.
Different types of wood will need different amounts of teeth to get the best cut and so you should choose a saw blade based on the type of wood that you use most often.
The kerf is the cutting gap that is created when the wood is cut. You will want to look for a narrow kerf as this will give a smaller cut. If the kerf is too wide, then some wood will get wasted as it will be ripped when it is cut.