Buying Tires Online Canada

  • 7 months   ago

What You Need To Know Before Buying New Tires Online Canada for Your Car

Choosing the brand, size, and type of your car’s new tires online Canada can be challenging. This is because there are many types and brands to choose from. Although brands may offer similar sizes of tires, the types and prices differ, depending on how famous the brand is and the quality of the tire. 

The right tire should give you comfortable rides, so it is essential to make the right choice. Before you purchase a new set of tires online Canada, you need to know the type of tires suitable for your car, the number of miles you wish to cover with your new set of tires, and your budget.

 1. All-Season Tires

Most manufacturers sell their cars in all-season tires. These tires are designed to give you the best rides throughout the year, regardless of the season. They are quiet and provide a good grip, whether during summer or winter. Although they are useful in all-seasons and give good traction even during winter, to get the best traction on snowy roads, go for the winter tires. They are also called snow tires and have specific treads for snow because that is what they are made for. All-season tires are divided into two main sub-categories. 

● The High-Performance All-Season Tires

These tires give better handling and grip on the road than the standard all-season tires. With them, you will be confident when driving. You will find them mostly on sports cars, and the more aggressive drivers also prefer the high-performance tires installed in their vehicles. 

● Grand Touring All-Season Tires

They give good handling on the road, but not as good as the high performance. These tires are a lower quality of the high performance. 

2. Summer Tires

Summer Canada online tires have traction made for the moderately warm climate. They give a sharp steering response and have better cornering traction. Their breaking is incomparable to the other types. However, they will work best in an area with temperatures above 40 degrees.  

When temperatures decrease, you will notice a change in your tires regarding the performance. When the road becomes wet, icy, or snowy, this tire’s grip is not favorable, and lack of good grip can cause an accident. This is why you need to change your car to winter tires when winter comes.

3. Winter Tires

They are also called snow tires because they are made mainly to be used during winter when the road is snowy. These tires give extraordinary traction when the road is wet and slippery, which you cannot get even with all-weather tires online Canada. This traction makes turning and breaking easier. Although they are useful in this climate, winter tires are not as durable as all-season tires or summer tires when the temperatures rise. Most drivers buy these tires to change their all-season when winter comes, but not to use them all the time. 

4. Tire Size

When replacing your tires, ensure you get the same sizes as the previous set. This is the manufacture’s recommendation because your car was made to work best on that tire size. Another essential thing to know is the tire’s speed rating. How many miles do you want to cover with your new tires? This will influence your type of tires online Canada to choose. You can get all that information printed on the side of your tires or the user’s manual. Your car dealer will also educate you on the best types and the recommended size of your car’s tires. 


5. Should You Upgrade or Replace?

Replacing means you are buying the same size and type of tires your car came with. You can find these tires through your car dealer or online. When you shop online, you will get the exact tires. If you go to your local tire store, they might have different brands. Buying online has another advantage of getting an installer at a cheaper fee.

If you decide to upgrade, you will have more research to do. This means that you will completely change your tires, meaning you have to choose another type with a different speed rating and tread-wear info. When upgrading, be careful to select a better quality tire. You cannot upgrade with lower quality. Research on the best Canada online tires fit for your car model, and factor in the weather you drive on. Buy from known brands to ensure you get quality.