Curious About Moving to Qatar?

  • 2 years   ago

Nestled in the heart of the Persian Gulf, the affluent Arab state of Qatar offers a unique and surprising destination for expats.



From its dazzlingly modern capital, Doha, to its rich Islamic traditions, the country offers plenty of appeal for adventurous internationals. In fact, 85% of its population are foreign workers from more than 100 countries, making Qatar the quintessential ‘melting pot’.


But what's it like to live in Qatar? Our network of international experts has put together the ultimate guide on moving to Qatar. So, if you're thinking about relocating to this spectacular jewel in the Gulf's crown, delve into our articles on the topics that matter to you: job hunting, affordable housing, international schools, and how to access quality healthcare.

Staying Healthy

Staying fit and healthy in your new home is always a top concern for expats moving abroad. Thanks to significant recent investment, Qatar has one of the best healthcare systems in the world – its reputation has in fact driven the country to become a top health-tourism destination. In Doha, you'll find a range of both public and private healthcare options offering world-class treatment. Find out everything you need to know in the guide to the healthcare system in Qatar.

Eating Out

Doha is truly an International City, with its diverse Food and Beverage options . From spectacular roof top to world famous restaurants that serve cuisines from all across the globe, there is something for every food lover. The local delicacies of the country, which is a must try while in Qatar, will leave you longing for more. Souq Waqif offers the most memorable tingling taste experience.

Finding Work

With low unemployment rates and high salaries, Qatar is a fantastic place to work for expats. A number of large multinationals have set up offices in Qatar, while the upcoming 2022 World Cup has presented plenty of opportunities to the construction industry. To get a better idea of career prospects in the country, read the Expat Guide to finding a job in Qatar.

Getting Your Finances in Check

Whether you're heading to the souq or transferring money home, it's essential that you make the right money management choices in your new home. Qatar is fast developing its range of banking options, with many local banks offering mobile and online alternatives to keep up with the needs of the global expat lifestyle. Our guide to banking in Qatar is an excellent place to start if you're looking to set up shop there.

Where to Live

With its modern capital and booming economy, Qatar has a whole host of excellent housing options. Families will love the spacious residential neighborhoods of West Bay and Al Waab, which sport fabulous schools and healthcare facilities. If you're a young professional you might prefer the bustling city center district of Al Sadd, a popular spot for expats moving to Doha. Take a look at our guide on where to live in Qatar for more insight.

Things to Do with the Kids

Not sure what to do with the little ones in Qatar? Wonder no longer because there's a great selection of unforgettable child-friendly options in and around Doha. Whether they prefer wet and wild water park adventures or channeling their inner explorer at an ancient desert fort, our expert guides will ensure your kids love their new home.