Five ways to Remain Confident with a Recruiter in Qatar during Interview

  • 9 months   ago
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Sometimes we are taken into the memories of viva examination in our school or university when we hear the word ‘interview’. The nerve-wrenching feeling before an examination expresses the precise manner before a job interview. 
Anxiety regarding making a good impression, boldly responding, getting short-listed for the job piles up as we prepare ourselves for the interview. Hence, with many questions and worried thoughts overflow in our mind, how do we remain calm and answer everything very confidently. 
Here are five ways you can ensure that you remain calm and speak confidently during an interview when applied for a job in Qatar.
1. Having a long walk
Common but effective method is to having a long walk to calm your nerves before the interview commences. Well, make sure you plan the time in order to reach 15 minutes prior to your interview time. 
Merely sitting in a chair before you go for your interview can make you even nervous. Therefore, make sure you go outside, get some fresh air and do some breathing exercise in order to be cool by reducing the amount of stress.  Collect your thoughts and do some nice deep breathing.
By doing so, it is certain that your confidence level is strengthened while you attend the interview.
2. Prepare the responses thoroughly
Yet another effective method to increase your confidence level is by preparing it thoroughly. Most of the individuals feels low before an interview because their mind is set on anxieties that will fail them to answer technicalities. Hence, if you keep preparing and practicing yourself, confidence level can get an enormous boost. 
Make sure you have a friend or a member of the family whom you are comfortable with to practice with them. This is indeed another effective method to boost your confidence.
3. Connect and not Impress
During the interview, the ultimate goal for us is to connect and not trying to impress. By doing so, impression automatically appears. If you tend to respond the recruiters in Qatar by connecting with them, it will be like a gradual conversation which eases your tension and can give you adequate confidence. 
“We often get the idea that confidence is about holding court whereas it’s more to do with putting people at ease. It helps to focus on connecting with people rather than focusing on the performance,” Dr Gary Wood (chartered psychologist) told The Guardian.
4. Hearing music
Music is always an effective way to calm ourselves by giving us peace in all situation and not just during the interviews. However to slow down the nervousness in front of the prospective employer, listening to music helps in great amounts.
According to research study conducted by Harvard University on the effect of music on the brain states that patients undergoing surgery needed less medication because they were exposed to calming music. The study also showed the evidence that listening to music calms the brain down and also helps in managing and maintaining the anxiety.
Therefore, to be more confident in your interview, you first need to be calm, composed and collected.
5. Taking the interview ‘less-serious’
Of course interviews are a crucial part of one’s life and must be dealt with much seriousness in order to make ourselves standout from the crowd. But Interviews should always be taken less-seriously as it gives us a platform to showcase our abilities in front of the interviewers and it is not the only interview we can ever attend. By elucidating that interviews must be taken less-seriously, will give us the opportunity to answer confidently which helps in getting us our desired jobs. Therefore, it is very important that we remain calm and take this less than the actual seriousness to sound more confident as best recruitment agencies in Qatar tends to hire such candidates. 
To Conclude, interviews can be a pretty nervous situation just like our olden day exams, but we determine how to respond to the situation. The above-mentioned points will surely help you to remain calm, represent yourself better and be confident in an interview.
Thus, ensure to have a good walk, hear music, connect with recruiter rather than trying to impress, preparing for the questions and last but not the least, take it ‘less-serious’. The more calmer you remain, the more confident you will be.