“How To Buy Diamonds In Qatar?”

  • 2 years   ago
“How To Buy Diamonds In Qatar?”

Qatar has one of the fastest growing economies in the world, and most of the local people love investing their money in physical investments like gold and diamonds (diamonds are a relatively new trend in Qatar). There are many places in Qatar that you can buy diamonds from. But most importantly, you must take care of some vital steps before going on to buy a diamond. Let’s first see what options you really have to buy diamonds in Qatar.

Local Jewelers:

Most of the early investors and diamond lover start their diamond hoarding career from local jewelers. That is because a jewelry shop is always within your reach. There are many gold and diamond jewelry shops in Qatar that you can visit to get started.

Remember that a jewel might have limited diamond designs available that fit his jewelry designs. Also, finding a big diamond from a jewelry shop is almost impossible as they mostly invest in small to medium diamonds.


Online Stores:

With the growth of the e-commerce industry in the recent times, online stores have widen their scope and are offering all the things you might need in your daily life. Diamonds too are available on some of the premium international and local online jewelry websites in Qatar.

 These online stores are well regulated and the quality od their diamonds is regularly checked and attested by a dedicated authority. You can also check their reviews to get an idea about their return policy, quality control, customer support and delivery times. But, is buying loose diamonds online better? Or is it just a gamble?

Well, the online stores nowadays are very safe, and the e-commerce industry is booming for a reason. And that is “Trust”. But you should always consult with an expert before choosing the online option.

Local Dealers:

Local dealers and diamond merchants usually have a lot of different sample sizes and design options. You can always use your connections to reach out to a local diamond dealer. They often ask for less money because they don’t spend a lot of their revenue on marketing campaigns and fancy showrooms. But before buying a diamond from an unknown person, make sure you get it checked thoroughly to prevent any inconvenience later. You’ll surely find many diamond dealers in Qatar.

Take Care Of These Things When Buying A Diamond:

Are you going to buy a diamond for first time? Yes? Well, here are some things that you must take good care of before buying a diamond.

  • Depending on your budget, choose a carat weight of your diamond.

  • Choose a shape of your diamond that’ll fit your needs.

  • Select a cut quality for your diamond.

  • Choose a color grade and a clarity grade.

  • Symmetry and polish.

  • Choose a prefered certificate provider.

You should also take care of all the legal stuff when buying a diamond, we suggest having a professional on your side through this whole process. Also choose a trusted dealer, you can ask your friends who invest in diamonds regularly.