How to find the best LGV driver training school

  • 7 months   ago
driver training school
driver training school


The hard part is making the decision to become an LGV driver, the easy part is finding training schools. There are various online websites, blogs, and social media pages for LGV driver training schools. The LGV training schools cover and teach all the theoretical and practical skills you need to know before driving. They provide you with exceptional trainers who are master in their job to make the teaching valuable and skillful. The tricky part is selecting the one best for you that will teach you everything you need to know to get started on your career! No worries, here are some things to keep in mind when looking for your LGV driver training school. 

• Look out for companies who have no intension to place you after training!

Some companies are just training schools with cheap training price to offer they are least bothered about their pass rate or how much time you take to get your license. Remember every time you fail you need to get more hours for training & that means more money to spend on training & test. So look out for that LGV driver training centre which is professional enough to not only train but to also place after training. 

• Paired Training Setups

Some LGV driver training schools have limited teachers or vehicles, so they task one instructor with two students. This is not the optimal way of learning, since one to one learning is ESSENTIAL for training to be beneficial for your professional life. Otherwise, you would have to compromise on many parts of the training process, making it take longer and not being as useful.

• Is Your Trainer Qualified Enough?

If you have held an LGV/HGV/Lorry driving license at some point, it is likely that you could begin training. This practice is wrong. Driving and teaching are different, and you must make sure your trainer is qualified and experienced in TRAINING LGV drivers, not just experienced in driving themselves. 

• Do They Offer Training on Automatic or Manual?

Most people are utterly shocked when they hear that Lorries have an 8-speed shift gearbox. To our surprise, many LGV driver training schools teach you on manual LGVs; whereas there are others that teach exclusively on automatic LGVs. Find what best suits you. If you want a relatively easy route to being licensed, try looking for LGV driver training schools exclusively offering automatic LGV training. The process includes teaching on how to make proper turns in a larger or articulated vehicle along with maneuvering larger vehicles in small spaces. 

• which vehicle you train for?

When giving your test, the weight of the LGV matters as opposed to the size. No one gives their driver’s test on a limousine, so do not give your test on a vehicle that is larger than necessary. Driving the optimum sized LGV can help you do better on the test. Depends on which vehicle you want to drive, you will have to choose either class 2 or class 1 hgv license training. Start with class 2 and move to class 1. 

• Lastly, Check the location of the LGV Driver Training School

You do not want to travel too far to find a suitable match for you, especially when you can find a school that offers the same services much closer to where you live. In today’s world, time is money if you spend an hour and a half travel to your school, and an hour and a half travelling back, that is time wasted that you could have spent elsewhere. It might sound basic but it is essential to look for the closest school to you, with the best services. 

Difference between HGV and LGV

The term HGV or Heavy Goods Vehicles was introduced when the UK government introduced road tax.  The Government needed a way to categorize vehicles by numerous things such as engine size, weight and emissions.  The term LGV or Light Commercial Goods Vehicle described vehicles that had a gross weight of less than 3500kg.  The term HGV described anything with over 3500kg gross vehicle weight.  This type of classification made it easier for people to tell the difference between LGV and HGVs based on their size. The demand for logistics and transportation has been increasing over the years, and it’s not going to stop anytime soon. Readily available products are required across many different industries and there always needs to be people to transport these goods to wherever they need to go. Once you have obtained an HGV/LGV license, after completing the required tests and training, you will open yourself up to many driving opportunities and logistic roles.

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