How to make your Instagram feed aesthetic?

  • 7 months   ago
Instagram feed aesthetic
Instagram feed aesthetic

Having an aesthetic Instagram feed is the new cool. If you have an aesthetic feed that means you are doing the social media the right way and probably making all your friends wonder how he/she does it. In case you are one of those wondering you don’t have to worry, we’ve got some helpful tips on how to see what someone likes on Instagram. There are a number of ways to make your feed look aesthetic, the first one being to ensure that the pictures which make it your feed are of good quality. The better the quality the more pleasing does the picture look. It’s not necessary to invest in expensive professional cameras for this but a phone with a decent camera can help in achieving desirable results!

Some features to make your Instagram feed aesthetic

The angle of the picture is very important in order to make your feed look aesthetic and unique it is always recommended to try out different angles. Whenever taking a picture one should always bring out their inner photographer and never shy away from taking the same picture with different angles. Post the one on your feed which you think fits with the rest of them. Depending on the kind of feed you are aiming for different kind of pictures can be posted but an aesthetic Instagram feed rarely has only selfies or pictures of oneself instead one should try to photograph for example the sky on a sunny day or the yummy looking food you are just about to have for lunch. You’ll be surprised to see how much aesthetic is hidden in the most mundane things if only we know the art of capturing them the right way.

Even more important than the above mentioned point is to have a consistent color theme. It’s not necessary that all your post follow the same color theme, you can alternate between different color themes but before switching at least post 9-12 pictures with the same color theme as this will give the whole feed a uniform and organized look making it look aesthetic. Taking pictures in the same lighting can help with this. If you are use boarder for your pictures it’s highly recommended to stick to one border style. Different boarder styles for every picture give the feed a haphazard look which just ruin the whole aesthetic look (only in very rare circumstances can this work out). You can post completely different kind of pictures but as long as the boarder is same you will still end up with a very classy look!

Role of filters and styles in making your picture aesthetic

Choosing the right filter is another important step. The Instagram app itself has some really nice filters but one should also explore different apps. There are several apps available on internet for these purposes, many of them completely free. All you need to do is downloading and explore! There are certain aesthetic features which never really go out of style. Grains and Motion Blur being two of them just apply these to any picture and voila you have an Instagram worthy picture right there. These effects can be added through professional apps such as Adobe Photoshop or the casual apps which we all have in our phones such as PicsArt.

Wrapping it up!

In order to have a good aesthetic Instagram feed, pictures aren’t the only important thing, and the way you caption them also plays a big part. Depending on the account you have and the content you post you can go for light hearted witty captions which will make people in most cases at least smile, or if you are going for something more edgy you can go for poetry as well this is completely up to the content you are posting.

Last but not the least it is also important to have the right kind of audience on your account, if you have for example a makeup artist account your 37 year old male acquaintance will hardly be interested in it or will recognize the aesthetic of your feed yet alone appreciate it. So it’s very necessary to follow the right kind of people otherwise the lack of appreciation can leave one demotivated.

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