Increase Physical intimacy in your marriage with these tips

  • 4 years   ago
Increase Physical intimacy in your marriage with these tips

Marriage can become monotonous after a point. Initially, it may seem all rainbows and Butterflies, but as time passes, this enthusiasm in partners gradually fades away. Due to ample workload, busy schedule, and other types of stress, many partners begin to keep their marriage behind other priorities.

As a result, married partners may begin to drift away. Their passion for each other might settle in the back seat and physical intimacy eventually dies.

Over the years, this problem of decreased physical intimacy has been observed increasing intensely among married couples. In fact, 6% of married women have complained that it has been over a year since they have had sex with their partners. Strange, right?

The question is, how can this problem be saved? Can you increase physical intimacy in your marriage? Can the fire be re-ignited? If you’ve been thinking night and day trying to figure out whether this is possible, you’ve finally arrived at your answer today.


Can the fire be re-ignited?

No two partners who are in love with one another will ever want to give up on the passion for each other. With time, it might seem to fade away, but if they work on re-establishing their physical intimacy, it will happen. Sources say that 48% of married women want sex more often after a few years of being married. So, you see, you may not have lucked out as yet!

There are a few things that partners must keep in mind while wanting to increase physical intimacy in their marriage. Once, they follow the right methods, they can have it all!

How to increase physical intimacy?

There are a few things you need to keep in mind as you light the candle in your bedroom to awaken romance in your relationship. Here are some of the incredible things you can do.

Open up with them

You can’t clap without using both hands, can you? – Just as you can’t increase physical intimacy in your relationship without your partner’s help.

Communicate with them regarding all of your problems and why this is happening. Discussing such crucial matters with your partner can help you both to understand each other and get closer by reminding each other of the love you need. This may even help you both to open up about different sex issues that might be turning your partner off constantly. Premature ejaculation issues may also come out as an underlying problem. In case you have been noticing issues namely erectile dysfunction or looking for any treatment for premature ejaculation, consult a doctor immediately. 

Make the move

If you want to re-add the sparkle in your marriage, there is no harm in making the first move. It will only help you to analyze whether your partner is just as into you as you are.

Initiate increasing physical intimacy by kissing them or taking them in your arms. These gestures may turn out to be extremely sweet and loving. If your partner loves you and wants the same, they will not disappoint you.

Go out for a romantic date

Romance can help brim all the passion once again. If you want a great night, a romantic date will help immensely. Notice how your partner responds to the date you arrange for them.

Make them feel special. Kiss their forehead. Remind them of the beautiful days you had in bed with each other before. Approach them for a night as amazing as the nights you miss. It will surely happen.

Don’t force them

You might desire to increase physical intimacy in your marriage at the earliest, but your partner might want to take some time. Don’t force them into this. Let them decide comfortably. Forcing them can spoil the broth. So, make sure you refrain from anything of that sort.

If they come in willingly, you will surely have the time of your life!


We all want some fanciful sex and great bedtimes with our partners after marriage. Who wants to have a regular marriage life with no sparkles?

Remember that everything great takes time. Just have patience and keep hitting the right buttons. Your sex life will improve automatically.